When I first came to this country I rejoiced in the warmth of freedom which I haven’t tasted before. My whole adult life up until then had been one of regimentation of thought and indoctrination to prevent wavering from the prevalent ideology of Marxist Socialism.

My joy and my basking in the glow of individual and collective freedom lasted for quite a long while. It was good and delicious and I consumed evermore of it and yet I was not sated. I spread and propagated the ideals of Americana every time and everywhere I went away from the shores of this land. I tried my best to study and understand the basis of foundation of this nation and the tenets on which the nation stands. I propounded these principles and some friendly foreigners remarked that “you are more American than Americans.”

The more I learned about this country the more I wanted to know and as I began to digest the essence I realized how much the founding fathers understood the tyrannies from which they were trying to or had escaped from across the waters that divided the continents. Those were the same oppressive forces that I was under and had escaped from, separated only by a couple of hundred years.

In fact this country was founded on the principles that all men– to enjoy the fruits of freedom– must be protected from themselves, the very human nature that wants to restrict others from their quiet or not so quiet enjoyment of freedom.

I did not realize until I got involved in the participatory part of politics: No, not running for office or even anything close to that, but just coming in contact with the infrastructure of the whole political process. Human nature being what it is, rears its ugly head, imposing itself to spoil the rights of others from that enjoyment.

Officers charged with the protection of these rights in their respective roles also are failing in their tasks to perform their duties adequately and appropriately. I witness those infringements occur from the very top at the White House and all the way down to the conduct of local party affairs and even worse, it is pervasive in the legal and law enforcement communities. That, I find it rather unsettling and saddening.

The question is, can we do something about it? Should we do something about them? The answer is a resounding “Yes”  and I have had the good fortune of coming to know like-minded individuals who recognize the problems and are doing their part in setting the country back on the foundations from which it is beginning to be removed.


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