Lament for a Rookie’s Folly


Our country is in deep trouble and most of us are beginning to realize that. I believe that even the president knows that and lately he is showing to us subconsciously in his speeches and in his body language. I must give him the benefit of the doubt that all of what he is projecting may just be related to the burden of his office and the trials and tribulations that he faces daily; that he is just physically exhausted but not quite emotionally expended.

When he was running for office in 2008, he was the young, energetic, vibrant and eloquent candidate in contrast to the old, spent and tired warrior whom he ran against. Even as I was sure that Mr. Obama is a dedicated leftist socialist at heart I knew that he was going to be the victor and he did win with huge margins because all kinds of people came out to vote and every single one of them who voted for him had a private hope and wish of their own.

I wanted him to succeed and privately wished that he would not embark on the program that his ideology dictated. When Rush Limbaugh said that he does not want Obama to succeed I knew what he meant—that the president’s socialist agenda should not succeed. Like most Americans we wanted the country to succeed and for Obama to lift us out of the economic and fiscal problems that we were facing during the dire days at the end of 2008.

We knew that Mr. Obama did not have the training that is very necessary to run a country as diverse and as complex as the United States. We knew that he did not have the experience to run a corporation as large and as complicated as this country is. We also knew that he did not have any background or education in economics or even to be able to read a financial statement of a large multinational corporation doing business across borders. But a majority of us put the trust in him to do what is right because a lot of us had our backs to the wall, when he gave us the hope that he was going to deliver us from the “greatest recession since the great depression” and unite us so that we could march together towards a return to prosperity.

All of what we had hoped for did not happen after more than trillion dollars of stimulus wastage if you count the interest on the borrowed money and the costs from lost opportunities; not only for the government but from the people and businesses that were unable to earn because those funds were diverted to abusive and fraudulent crony capitalists who surrounded him. Then came Obamacare and more trillions down the hole without the consent of most of us, while all we wanted was for him to fix the economy and create conditions for more jobs.

I believe that he felt the presidency would be an easy on the job training and that he would be able to coast through his term and that everything would fall into position just like it did for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, who made it look easy even when they ran into trouble. But, I think that Obama is finding out that it is really not as easy as he envisioned and maybe by now he even thinks that he may be way in over his head, he did not figure that those two had been governors before. Remember they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize right after he entered office– for his potential—of course he can do it, wasn’t his slogan “Yes We Can.”

He almost reminds me of surgical residents watching  a master surgeon operate so smoothly they thought it is easy to operate until they have to do it themselves and find that they need a great deal of knowledge and practice to get there. But Obama comparatively is actually not a resident but only a medical student when he was asked to operate; the patient is in deep trouble now, whom can we call for salvation?

However we all know that he shall be running again for reelection and I believe that he may even say that he has learned from his misadventures and that he will be a better president henceforth. Will that work for him, I hope not.


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  1. I agree with most of your conclusions except I don’t the weight of office or the state of country bother Mr. Soetoro in the slightest. What is weighing on Winer in Chief is being told NO by the Republican controlled House of Representatives and the majority of the American people.

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