Dear Webmaster,
The Erie County Republican Committee met at the Harborcreek Township building on June 17 to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman according to their by-laws, within 30 days of the primary election in May.
To meet in this facility was planned to satisfy members on the east side to show, I believe, that the committee has not forgotten them.  My grandfather,
Howard Whitford, Supervisor, was chosen to turn the first shovel of dirt for that building.
He would be ashamed as I was for the lack of decorum and respect shown to the past Vice Chairman, Dr. Winston Chu, who was allowed to take the floor and remark on his candidacy for the new term.
Dr.Winston Chu had been instrumental in bringing new people to run for a committee post in several of the City of Erie, Millcreek and other county offices. He has brought our Erie GOP web site into the 21st century with approximately 3,000 hits per day plus a page on Face Book for those middle aged and young people who use this social media daily. He brought together a group of dedicated Republican committee people each week for two years allowing them to be informed and grow and respond when the state committee sent someone to us to conduct a workshop.
He was shouted down as soon as he mentioned that the Republican Party advertises itself as being inclusive and yet he has been treated by some committee members and past officers with disrespect in public places.  As
soon as he tried to warn the group how this is not what the national Republican Party stands for, loud male voices tried to drown him out.  I think this was all planned.
I have been a county secretary for the Republican Party in Volusia County, Florida also and have never witnessed such rudeness.
The room was too small, and not set up for a meeting of 80 people and I warned them beforehand but I was told by the party secretary that everything had been taken care of. The room was not air-conditioned.  It reminded me of a old-time black & white movie where the behind the scenes guy had a political hold over the candidates and they did what he said, or else.
I hope the new people we encouraged to run for committee people in their districts do not think all county committees are run the way the ECRC demonstrated that evening.  Mr. Salmon will have to learn to keep the rabble rousers in check.
Peg Mitchell
District 13




  1. LJARX says:

    Dear Elected Committee and all Republicans,

    Let me address Peg Mitchell’s commentary on the above topic of “Inclusive or Exclusive”

    It is about time that “Freedom of Speech” is spoken and is alive and well in Erie County. I congratulate Peg in addressing the ills and troubles that has plagued our County Committee.

    One cannot go forward in a positive manner without knowing and understanding the past so that one does not repeat the errors of the past.

    I am tired of the “Political Correctness”…. are you? Let’s start telling the truth and expose what has been destroying our Party, our community, our Commonwealth and Nation. Apparently that is not happening and the same old – same old is being reinforced.

    As a newly elected Committee-person representing our Millcreek District #13, a 40 plus year registered active Republican in at least 4 states during my healthcare career, I am ashamed and embarrassed with the exhibition and conduct of certain elected members at the reorganization meeting last Tuesday.

    You know who you are. Why did you conduct yourself in such an abhorrent and repugnant manner? … The shame will not easily be forgotten by those who have respect for themselves….

    One cannot respect others if one does not respect one’s self.

    What is more offensive, of this exhibited gross disgraceful conduct by members of the Party, was that it was not stopped by the Chairman Salmon, who was re-elected at the meeting. Where is the leadership?

    Apparently we are lacking leadership in our County Party Chair in view of the fact that the reorganization meeting this past Tuesday was approaching chaos with the exhibition of the insolent conduct of individuals attending the meeting.

    Why are Republicans “not” winning elections you ask?

    Let me speculate as to what I observed at the recent meeting:

    The newly elected Vice-Chair, Ann Grunewald, in her acceptance speech to her nomination, stated; “I don’t play with computers”; “I can get and raise money”; “I know people”. What was that all about?

    She offended 95% of the Republicans in the room, insulted Dr. Chu, IT Chair and former Vice-Chair, disrespected and outraged the “Grassroots” of our “Grand Old Party”. Does she think for one moment that she gained the respect of the newly elected committee-people and those of us who have been part of the ECRC for over 30 years?

    When I looked around the room I only observed 3 minority members of the 78 members who attended. So where is the inclusiveness of the Party? How many minority voters has Ann Grunewald or Verel Salmon recruited in the party for the past 10-20 plus years?

    As to the decorum of the meeting, there was none. It was akin to a high school meeting with the “elite” rift raft students distracting the important business at hand.

    It is astounding that the level of maturity at this meeting was that of a high school meeting with all the jeers, boos, hisses and even a disgusting comment, after a nomination of an elected committee-person for the Chair with the declination by the person, due to the qualifications according to the By-Laws; – “Thank God” … what was the impression this person wanted to make to 78 committee-people in the room?

    The chaos of the meeting is a direct result of poor leadership and a fragmented organization.

    There is a movement in our community, throughout the Commonwealth and the Nation in which the establishment must be inclusive of the grassroots… if they don’t they will perish and an example of ignoring the “grassroots” is the election loss of Eric Cantor in the House.

    I still have faith and confidence in those Republicans who truly support the values and principles of our GOP, our morals and ethics which we inherited from Our Founding Fathers to present day and our local party is no exception…

    I encourage comments from all… please make it respectful and objective….

    Thank You…

    Lou Aliota
    Committee Representative Millcreek District #13 (’14 – ’16)
    Vice-Chair Millcreek Republican Committee (’10 – ’12)
    By-Laws Committee Member (2010)


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