How “NOT” to WIN the Confidence of the Republican Voters – Part I

There are probably many tips and suggestions as to “How to Win Voter Confidence” written over the past 50 plus years.  This is departure from “How to Win” to “How ‘Not’ to Win”…

We, the people, have seen the politics and exhibition of individuals at meetings, conferences, celebrations and special events.  Are the members professional and respectful?  Do the members respect each other whether they disagree with the positions many may have?

It is abundantly clear the behavior of one person can cause so much distraction, divisiveness, disruption, diversion to name a few of the dynamics resulting in negative impact to the total group or membership especially in a meeting.

The “bully” behavior, by an adult, in the exhibition of their irresponsibility to the decorum in an adult meeting is sometimes ignored since many adults do not want to address or confront the immaturity of that particular adult.  It is called “Political Correctness”.  Many times when an adult tells the truth or state the facts not the emotional features of a situation, they are met, by other adults, and called “troublemakers”.

In the short run the “immature” adult gets away with the childish, juvenile, immature behavior and everyone laughs … in the long run this behavior is so detrimental to the stability, consistency and continuity of the mission and goals of the organization.

Part of the responsibility and accountability of the members of an organization is to make sure everyone follows the rules, regulations, by-laws and the professional decorum of meetings.  If even one member does not follow the prescribed policy and procedures then why does the organization have any rules, by-laws or policy and procedures?

Does this sound familiar as to what America is going through right now?

One of the paramount characteristics of an individual in a position of governance is leadership.  So what do I mean or define, in my humble opinion, “Leadership”

When there is a “bully” in the midst of an organization the focus of correcting the irresponsible behavior of a member is to correct the behavior immediately with a graduated behavior action plan which has consequences attached to the action plan for that individual.  Teachers know very well ….. In education, it is called a “Conduct Contract” with the student, parent and teacher to guide and direct the “bad” behavior of the student and the consequences of their “bad” behavior.

In summary for Part I of a series …..

“How ‘NOT’ to Win the Confidence of Republican Voters”

#1… Lack of Leadership {(LOL) – pun intended} from the top to the membership, make sure the leader does not answer any questions from the membership or skirts the truth when asked, ignores the fragmentation of meetings or the disruption of same, only he/she knows what the mission and goals are for the organization, only communicates with certain members and ignores others, does not embrace other minority members in the community nor develops a plan for inclusion but continues the course of exclusion, do not establish a “Candidate Committee” to assess, question, enlighten guide the best candidate to run for office, and finally… make sure you don’t have a strategy for electing Republicans…

#2… Make sure the organization has a real “BULLY” to disrupt the professionalism of the organization or meetings (this is a great role model for the young members of the organization and for our children – suggest this feature to the local school districts), make sure you demean or call names of individuals who request the truth on topics and/or asks questions to clarify the issue(s) to mention a few.

#3… DO NOT follow your own approved by-laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures and make sure everyone circumvents the “rule-of-law”, make sure the rules are applied to some members but not others, make sure official documents are lost, discarded or computers are not working properly (it is working in Washington so it should work locally)

Stay tuned… more to come in Part II

Just my thoughts and opinion ……

Lou Aliota
Millcreek Republican Committee-Member District #13



  1. eriecogop says:

    The opinion letters that were submitted and posted should be taken to heart by all committee members, and the Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman especially. The so called reorganization meeting was anything but organized. The antics of a few continue to shame our already disgraceful reputation as a political party.
    The one misunderstanding of those that head this ECRP is that those who are being ignored or discounted as troublemakers are the ones that will continue to fight for what our party is supposed to believe in.
    One is the First Amendment in our Constitution of Freedom of Speech, the other is the Rule of Law. Neither is encouraged at these so called membership meetings.
    The ECRP is losing those that ran to be a part of the Republican Committee. I understand why they would be embarrassed to even be affiliated with the ECRP.
    As stated in a previous opinion, where is the leadership? Where is the role model that we should want to emulate?
    When I stood in front of the members to ask for votes to be the next Chairman and looked around, I am glad that I didn’t win because there was NO Way I wanted to be the leader of most of the people that were in attendance.
    Factions are splitting our party and with this type of group I can see another faction appearing on the horizon.
    I hope this gets posted before our Freedom of Speech is censored.
    Most Sincerely,
    Don Tucci

  2. Gildersleeve_is_Watching says:

    What happened to the Party I used to love? All this gutter politics, little kids in the sandbox, throwing out allegations is not helping the Party at all. Why don’t you put your energy together to build the party instead of destroying it? Every one should be able to give their opinion without being chastised and work for the betterment to grow the Party. Whoever’s idea is the best, vote to do that. I recommend the new Chairman to take control of his meetings and not let this chaos go on any longer. The Democrats are buying popcorn, sitting back and enjoying reading all these e-mails back and forth. They get a kick out of us destroying each other. All I wish is that everyone could get along like they did when I was chairman, and work hard to get Republican candidates elected, and then work the phone banks, go door-to-door, go to all the meetings, and be a Party again. God Bless the Republican Party.


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