Dear Committee people:

I’m becoming more aware of a deliberate attempt to quash any discussion on the GOPERIEPA website that is not favorable even without mentioning names,
places or events.
The Erie GOP is more and more a reflection of the Obama administration who promised transparency.  Committee people standing outside a locked ECRC office door on August 13 during the Executive meeting, asked if it was a secret meeting since we all are elected committee persons. I said it was.  A title of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, or Solicitor does not “entitle” you to private actions.  No report of the Executive Meeting was given as I requested it be added to the agenda e-mailed to us previously.  It is disconcerting not to have our requests or emails acknowledged or promise of an answer in due time.
There is no reason the committee members can’t be seated a reasonable distance from the Executive Committee members meeting arrangement after being made aware they are not to take a vocal part in it.
The only way to avoid questions, accusations is to be open about everything.
Those of us who have experience in other counties and states are amazed
at how people in ECRC seem to have the attitude that knowledge is power.  Isn’t knowledge what education in our schools is all about?  The playgrounds at grade schools reflect “I know something you don’t know”!
In other states, lists of members, both local and state are sent out to all elected committee persons without being asked.  Anything you ask for is given out in a reasonable length of time and this was before electronic mail.  An important instrument like the Solicitor’s Agreement  with questionable language and we are not given time to discuss it.  Separate informational meetings could be held for committee persons to have a discussion among themselves –  maybe bring in their own legal interpreter.
At our ECRC committee meeting we saw a video of poor quality from the 70′s, I believe which even being in the second row of seats was barely audible.  The presentation by Mr. Patterson could be given to new people but not take up our time (with no comment or input from experienced committee people).  We never get together and discuss our experiences in our districts helping new people to recognize things to not do and say when it comes election time and we are passing out handbills.
I think whoever has the time like I do could be calling their own district besides the calls at ECRC headquarters for Governor Tom Corbett.  I’m only asking two questions and if they have a low expectation of voting for him for a second term, I can find out why and give them specific information between now and November 4th.
Peg Mitchell
District 13 Millcreek


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