You are at this site because it publishes what has been banned by the censor(s) of ECRC. Opinions of any sort are banned by ECRC especially dissenting ones even though the expressed opinions are based on fact and cannot be disproven.

But because these thoughts are so anathema to the leadership, they are being banned from

The last time I looked dissent is officially banned by dictatorial regimes from the right as well as the left, but in essence what it amounts to is that these are behavior patterns of non-democratic thought and institutions. Never did I think that these are the practices of the local Republican Party especially in the increasingly oppressive atmosphere of the present-day American experience. I think that we have lost it, the America that we know and love.

Salmon Order002


Political speech by its very nature will offend somebody and when it is exercised as it should be, it is bound to be found objectionable. The response to that in a free society such as ours is to respond respectfully and responsibly. It is wrong for any organization to suppress that by banning that freedom. Poorly crafted motions in a society or group similarly like bad legislation creates unintended consequences and this may be a manifestation of that poverty of vision and forethought, rather it becomes a representation of brutishness and raw exercise of tyrannical power, of collusion with the primary desire to oppress and suppress a minority or even a silent majority viewpoint.


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