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Subject: Helping Obama Legacy

It appears that the outgoing president is STILL struggling with the construction of his LEGACY and its relationship to his political platform consisting of Hope and Change. As a result, following is GROUP 3 of items that those of you receiving these emails have presented. (Groups 1 & 2 published previously are also repeated.)

I still believe he has more surprises for us to add to his LEGACY before he finally becomes the former president. Will welcome your additions to the list and will publish a complete list describing the complete Obama LEGACY when he finally leaves office as of January 20, 2017!!!!!

Please respond with your additions to this LEGACY starter list and will update in a couple of days and resend. Feel free to publish as you see fit.


Abandoning fledgling Iraq government without leaving adequate military support to assure the continued development of a free people including freedom of religion. (As an editorial note, this action by Obama personally may be the single greatest detrimental action by any President in history as it destabilized Iraq, empowered Iran, created ISIS and perpetuated the Syrian disaster essentially leaving the entire region in a state of crisis which, in turn, opens the door for the caliphate and global Islamic governance.)

 As a corollary to the destruction caused by the premature exit from Iraq, the migration of millions of Muslims into the populations of Europe and America and the future impact to liberty and freedom versus the Islamic caliphate must be a part of the Obama LEGACY

 Endorsed and campaigned for Lacy Clay, Missouri congressman, after Clay had hung a picture in the US Capitol depicting police officers as PIGS

 Campaigned as a political hack for Hillary Clinton and miserably failed even when begging for votes to support his “accomplishments” and LEGACY

 Demonstrated weakness in foresight and then weakness in government in the debacle involving the Obama Red Line in Syria leading to the death of thousands, and still counting, as Donald Trump inherits the entire Obama National Foreign Policy disaster.

 Multiplicity of Obama lies relative to Obamacare is truly a national disgrace to Americans who value honesty and integrity (Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness)

 Subtle but continuous attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs and values

 Refused to honestly present situations involving terrorism, and specifically Islamic terrorism, to the American people as is exemplified by the Obama declaration that the Fort Hood disaster was “Workplace Violence.”

 “Fast and Furious” scandal designed to target the Second Amendment

 “IRS” scandal targeting conservative groups

 Benghazi scandal and cover-up that probably gave Obama his second term as he and his minions lied over and over again that it was caused by “the video” when it was actually caused by Obama policy and related tactics.


 HUD rule called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)-forcing affluent communities to build low cost HUD housing to accept crime and poverty prevalent in American cities where Democrat Party governments have dominated local politics

 Executive decision to unilaterally stop the missile shield established by Bush in Poland

 Bankrupted the top two coal producers being Arch and Peabody as he had promised

 Shut down US Space Program and now depend on Russia to transport and support the Space Station


Illegal Immigrants Surge Across the US Southern Border at Record Rate (Newsmax 11/23/16)

Refugees flood Michigan cities with 1317 from 10/1/16 to 12/31/16 and 5481 scheduled for 2017 per Obama plan with most from dominant Muslim countries being resettled by several of the nine VOLAG groups including Christian, Jewish, and charities financed with federal funds. That this is a huge LEGACY item is validated by Church World Services receiving $44M or 64.4% of its annual revenue from the US government ( &CWS)

Michele Obama who had never felt proud of the USA until 2008 now, in 2017, feels lack of hope after eight long years of Barack Obama

Today (1/4/17), there are 4100 GOP State legislators (most in history), 34 GOP Governors, 52 GOP Senators and 239 GOP House members (Newt Gingrich)

Democratic Party weaker today than any time since FDR created the New Deal in the 1930s. (Newt Gingrich)

64 police officers killed in 2016 as outgoing president meets and welcomes “hate speech” crowd from Black Lives Matter (CNN)

Added $9 trillion in national debt (Treasury Dept)


56 Iraqis killed in several bomb explosions on January 2nd per NY Times. (Obama pulled out knowing Iraq not ready without US presence)

JV team claims the 39 killed in Istanbul night club. (Explain this is ISIS for the liberals)

Have done nothing and basically said nothing while watching 762 murders in Chicago, his adopted home town. (Did he say gun control?)

Defied US continuing commitment to Israel by allowing UN resolution to stop Israeli settlements in West bank. (High Crime?)

Cuts sentences for federal drug crimes. (Wonder why heroin addicts are reported as dying at a very high rate, locally and nationally.)

Moved to block ocean drilling to block Trump energy endeavors. (He prefers all of us in the dark-remember his solar accomplishments.)


Release Guantanamo prisoners even though the worst of the bad are all that is left. (No words appropriate.)

Government takeover of western land with multiple regulations–sounds like his contribution to Agenda 21. (He is preparing for his global job.)

Trump tweet quoting Bill Clinton stating that Obamacare is “crazy.” (My personal #1 in this first listing.)

Russian sanctions for “hacking” computers to support Trump election against Hillary. (Truth and facts be damned, no light of day wanBed.)


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Bill Been

7:35 AM (16 minutes ago)

While preparing an article demonstrating that the recent Washington Post poll is nothing other than another fictitious poll designed to benefit the Clintons, another “hit piece” ostensibly written by Jay Caruso was featured on the website of Erick the Red. Erick Erickson continues on a daily basis demeaning Donald Trump and, as a result, supporting the Hillary Clinton candidacy. The vulgar, disgusting, and dishonest character of this self-serving “pundit” was publicized in my Article 43 several months ago, highlighted by the following paragraph:

On May 13

th, Senator Sessions was referred to as a “Dishonest Twit” by RedState in one of the most absurd conservative articles that I have ever read. This self-ordained conservative judge states that Trump “…humiliates Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., by forcing him to eat feces…” followed by calling Trump “amoral.” RedState then states that a line is crossed “…when you try to convince me, and any conservative, that Trumpian baby sh** is actually butterscotch.” RedState then insults Senator Sessions’ understanding of conservatism and then repeatedly calls the senator a liar. This content is disgraceful and destructive while providing support for the anti-American agenda of Hillary Clinton. You can read the total content of this RedState article in the attachment or use the following URL:


Coupled with Glenn Beck’s recent revelations and his passing of judgment (Trump unrighteous), it has become impossible for this Patriotic Christian American to identify with the conservatism being defined by these two pundits. Beck and Erickson have greatly damaged the conservative movement by professing an ideology that appears to accept ultimate destruction for America while using cult techniques for their own self-serving objectives.

Both Beck and Erickson are finished if Donald Trump becomes the next President and succeeds to the extent that many of us believe is not only possible, but probable. They fight Trump’s election so they never have to fear his highly probable success will prove them to be the disgrace that both are displaying on a daily basis. They might even have to get a job doing something productive for a change.

The Washington Post poll that Erickson publishes without any apparent insight or analysis fulfills the worst of the expectations frequently voiced concerning the bias of the polls. It has long been understood that the Progressive Socialist leftist will do anything to maintain their political power- just as Erickson and Beck are doing to preserve their personal self-serving objectives.

Erickson displays his support for Clinton by emphasizing exactly what the Washington Post intended being a mathematically misleading 52-38 Clinton margin. He uses this margin to sensationalize multiple negative comments directed at Trump including passing the buck to someone he found that used most of Beck’s words such as insane, con, fraud, etc.

I would argue that both Beck and Erickson need to take a good long look in a mirror.

Erickson does recognize that the 14 point lead is halved to 7 points when providing the more realistic alignment of 2016 candidates that includes Johnson and Stein. However, what Erickson fails to even mention is that many, if not most, of his alienated followers have now fallen into the Libertarian column as Johnson received 9% meaning the Libertarian vote is basically polling the election to Clinton with the support of Erickson and Beck! (In case you want the numbers, Johnson only polled 1% nationally in 2012 and less than 1% in Virginia. The 8% increase did not come from Democrats!)

Do those of you who think America is worth saving realize that those 8% disaffected by the Beck/Erickson hypocrisy would have given Trump a 1% lead in the more realistic 4-person race scenario? A 1% lead versus a 12% loss is a huge difference demonstrating the distortion inherent within the poll and the continued negative impact of Erickson/Beck propaganda and intimidation!!!

The Virginia numbers say clearly that the Erickson-Beck-GOP Establishment (including Cruz) coalition is the only force that can stop Trump from a national landslide which would prove invaluable in the monumental task of restoring the fundamental traditions and principles as established by the Founders .

In closing, Erick the Red also forgot to mention that the poll only had 24% Republicans vs 30% Democrats and 38% Independents. His ongoing attempts to mislead his followers concerning Donald Trump are not only despicable but potentially destructive to our country and to all of us who are engaged in the fight to stop Progressivism, stop Obama transformation, and restore our great nation.

William E. Been

August 23, 2016



Bill Been
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Attached and enclosed below is a letter mailed (snail mail) to the leading GOP elected officials that represent my home area in Pennsylvania. It pained me to believe this letter to be necessary because I still believe the GOP is the only hope for reversing the progressive leftist ideology so heavily embraced by the national Democrats. However, the failure to accomplish even one significant piece of legislation or, except the Keystone Pipeline, to even force a significant Obama veto is unacceptable considering the continued damage being inflicted by the Obama Administration. Finally, when the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell repeated three times that there was no deal involving the Export-Import bill, I felt it necessary to speak up as dishonesty within any organization or group can and frequently will cause the group to be inefficient if not totally ineffective. Plus, dishonesty violates a cardinal moral principle that has been a cornerstone for our culture.  Read the rest of this entry

Article 7-Republican Voters Elect Tom Wolf


Last week, I published an article pleading for unity among voters who are politically right of center. Divisiveness does nothing but give support and power to the national Democrat Party where every dangerous Progressive movement (Islam, Socialism, Globalism) is harbored. It does not appear that the voters who vote Republican understand either the seriousness of the leftist transformation that has already taken place nor the fact that time works against us as Obama and his multitude of radical allies enters the 4th Quarter, in Obama’s words, of his transformation activities. And, do you think they will give up the Presidency while so close to their ultimate objectives? Read the rest of this entry





It is election day and a chance to influence the future! This is particularly true if your state has either a gubernatorial or United States Senate race. FOX just reported that 322 Iraqis have been killed by ISIS from one tribe including women and children. Thanks to the Obama Administration, we have stood by as observers for almost a year while terrorists, militants, ISIS, etc. have strengthened throughout much of the Middle East. Read the rest of this entry