I am a publicly elected Committee-member of the Erie County Republican Committee. Committee-members do not have access to and are prohibited to obtain the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.

I am aghast by the denial and non-responsiveness to basic questions from the Chairman of the ECRC.

Most people, and especially elected officials, agree with me that we are entitled to know what is going on, in our own Party, and must have access to all information, minutes and financial statements, so that we can enlighten educate and empower other Republican voters in my District.

Why I ask? Apparently the Chairman is restricting and controlling the information and Executive actions of the organizational and financial management of the local Party. Seemingly, there is no transparency in the local Republican Party.

Is the Chairman practicing exclusivity rather than inclusively?

Why is there is no response from the Chairman as to members’ inquiries or questions? I find this disturbing and very problematic. Is there a disrespect and contempt for the truth?

Apparently the Chairman forgot the reason why the Republican Party has been losing elections; ignoring elected members of the Party is not the “right” plan.

What is so secretive about the management of the Party that elected members should not know?

Was/is there a strategy from the Chairman to implement, encourage and embrace all minority voters into the ECRC in the past 4-5 years? Is there a subtle message to “remove” minorities from the Party and not include minorities?

Leaders who underestimate the intelligence of others generally overestimate their own.

Lou Aliota
Committee Member Millcreek District 13


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