Voters in District 13 Millcreek told me when filling out an absentee ballot that it was so confusing to choose three women and three men from the sixteen candidates for State Committee.
Receiving an e-mail from one of the women winners in this year’s election, it is shocking to hear that only she and a new male winner is attending the PA State Committee Conference in Hershey, PA.  The losers must be disappointed that of the 6 candidates they chose to represent them, only two have the commitment to attend the initial meeting of the State Committee to learn and participate.
As a county committee, the ECRC  is off to a bad start!
Peg Mitchell
Millcreek 13

One Response to COMMITMENT

  1. MillcreekChairman says:

    While I agree on the central tenet of once elected, you should be committed and show up to the meetings and events and participate actively, I don’t think we need to be advertising on the internet to the public anything negative about the ECRC’s new term quite so soon. Public scoldings do nothing beneficial to attract new voters or promote positive messages about the local Republican organization. As for some of the voters, if they are confused choosing 6 people, I don’t know what more to have told them that’s helpful. Here are 16 names: Choose 3 men, and 3 women. Doesn’t seem very complicated or confusing to me at all. Hopefully, Karen and Don won’t be the sole attendees from Erie County to the Hershey conference.


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