With regards to your statements regarding not trusting the IRS, I find myself in full agreement Congressman Paul Ryan…but sadly I think the way the Republicans are handling all of the scandals plaguing Mr. Obama’s incompetent administration has again fallen short due to the poor use of the available technology and PR options that are out there such as Youtube, social media and even through well placed advertisements on television and radio to directly engage and inform the US citizens.

With all of the money flowing into the conservative coffers there are many overlooked and underutilized measures that could be done to unite the Party and give service to the community, and it is my obligation to point out we as Republicans and Libertarians alike are failing this country through our ineffective and meek response. No matter how loud you are within the halls of Congress, if you are not equally heard within the living rooms across the country you are falling short of your vow and you ignore the obligations of your offices. Informing and analyzing these scandals and what it means for our future as individuals and as a whole should be front and center in every swing district and state across the country. It shouldn’t target individual members of congress, but should in fact inform the populace of the abuses of power undertaken by this Administration. It should be centered on a mainstream and nonpartisan approach so as to have a full impact on the citizens that so desperately need this information. In addition, these types of advertisements should be done with diligence and swiftness so as to not allow a framing of the story from this Administration that is both divisive and manipulative. Conservative leaders like Ron Paul, Speaker John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mike Kelly for Congress, Rick Santorum, Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, Kay Bailey Hutchison (because she is amazing), and so many others should be encouraged to unite together as one to stand for those conservative values that are universal. If not…then it is the country that suffers and the Party that dwindles.

An open hearing (even though you are entertaining) is not the correct way to get to the citizens Mr. Ryan. I have called on the Republican Party openly many times in the past to focus on the two aspects central to engaging within the social debate; technology and public relations, and I continue that call today. We need leaders who understand that there is a time to take this message on the road and compete with the bully pulpit within the White House. This is that time. We need a conservative organization built around uniting the various wings of the Party, and I would be willing to go in an instant to assist such a noble cause and I think many others would as well. The America I know is built upon respect; a fact this Executive Branch seems to have forgotten.
-Prof. Joe Iesué
SolBridge International School of
-this letter was submitted for publication as of June 20, 2014



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