What is your vision for the Republican Party of Erie County?

My own thoughts on the topic are based on the foundation of “Leadership” from the top.

In order to form a more perfect union one must have the ingredients to solidify that foundation; some of the attributes and characteristics that one views to support a mission or goal are trustworthiness – talent – compatibility – curiosity – insight – engagement – determination to mention a few.

As you and I know there are those who talk and those who walk.

Are we reading from the same sheet of music?

There will always be disagreement and sometimes conflict in any Party. It can be negotiated and resolved, but if not addressed can and will increase because what’s swept under the rug ends up being surfaced at a later day because there actually is a disagreement with something which has never been addressed or resolved by the membership.

Do we have consistency, continuity, and communications within our Party?

Being more assertive, willing to engage in confrontation and conflict and being more willing to do things that are constructive in a positive manner actually may take an effort on our part. How can a Party meet its goals and mission if the Party is fragmented and disorganized? Does the Party leadership follow their By-Laws? Are the By-Laws discriminatory in a manner that pre-selects individuals or eliminates individuals? Are the By-Laws “fair and balanced” for all?

Let me ask the following questions for your comment and consumption:

Can you know and identify our Party’s most important goals?
Do you know how to become an appointed committee-person?
Do you understand what you were supposed to do to help the Party achieve its goals when you became an elected committee-person?

A clear objective vision answers these “Fundamental Four” questions being asked by your GOP Team, whether or not you hear them:
1. What are we trying to achieve? (Goals)
2. How are we going to achieve it? (Plans)
3. How can I contribute? (Roles)
4. What’s in it for the Party? (Rewards)

If you are interested in the above and want to actively participate please click on the link below.

Thank you for reading and comments are appreciated as always.





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