Dear Fellow Republicans;

I wish to speak to you for a few minutes regarding the uncomfortable in-fighting occurring within our party. This is not new, locally or nationally, and actually started a few hundred years ago. We might actually find it productive if we can continue our discussion in a respectful fashion.

We are volunteers, and we are all here, I believe, for the same reason – we love our Country! So, how do we best serve her?

I believe our first responsibility is to understand what our responsibility actually is. We republicans have a fantastic, proud history. Unlike the Democrats, whose underlying philosophy is democracy (majority rule), ours is republicanism. So what does that mean? If you were to research, you might find something like this:

Republicanism refers to a political system that protects and emphasizes liberty, especially by incorporating a rule of law (our Constitution) that cannot be arbitrarily ignored by the government. Or, as John Adams put it, “They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.”…. if the republic is to survive and flourish; the emphasis must be on widespread citizen participation, civic virtue, and opposition to corruption.

In a republic, representation starts here, with “we the people”, and our duty is to elect those who will honor our rule of law and represent us at the State and National level – electing representatives to secure our sovereignty (liberty) within the rule of law. What has happened? Corruption…. perhaps?

What we are witnessing is the disregard for our rule of law by those we have elected. Cronyism is rampant, as corporate money flows where it best directs favorable legislation – to the national level, and across party lines. So now we see the elected at the national level, pushing their agenda to the states, and the states to the people, rather than the other way around. This has also caused a blur between party lines. The recognition of this perversion of our founding philosophy, I believe, is the reason for resistance to the latest attempt to amend our local ECRP by-laws.

The divisiveness occurs because some see it and resist, others have yet to see it or choose not to, and unfortunately, a few benefit from it. You don’t see this fracturing within the Democratic Party because everyone in the party is on board with progressivism, big government, and wealth redistribution, and may be slower to recognize the corruption. However, here in the GOP, our loss of focus on our roots has led to factions such as the “Tea Party”, the Ron Paul Revolution, the “Liberty Movement”, and terms like “Neocon” and “RINO” (I have never heard anyone called a “DINO”).

So now we have candidates on the republican ticket that do not believe in republicanism. Some of them only believe in being (re)-elected, and some of us feel a blind duty to support whoever is being thrown to us. We have lost sight of our republican philosophy. Electing anybody or everybody on the republican ticket is not a philosophy. “Anybody but Obama” is not a philosophy – it’s a lazy shortcut and it’s leading our Constitution into an abyss.

I for one feel a responsibility to the cause of liberty, to republicanism, not because of my party affiliation, but because I believe it is best for our country. I feel no duty to those who pick and choose what rules to follow and what rules to ignore, no matter their party affiliation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the burden of freedom rests not on the elected, but on us, the people, to keep them accountable. It has never been more important we do just that. It is time to respect our Constitution.

I thank you for your courtesy.
Michael V. Sergi, Jr.


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