A conservative article published after the approval of the Omnibus Bill discussed the shame of the GOP seeking Democrat votes to accomplish approval. However, upon inspection of the Roll Call votes, it is apparent that the shame goes even deeper than simply using Democrat support.

Paul Ryan and the Republican House actually prepared, submitted, and approved a Democrat bill while presiding over the process with a huge GOP majority. This bill was not a Republican bill as indicated in the split of votes by political party. The bill was approved by 90% of the Democrat House members and 85% of the Senate Democrats while only 61% of the House GOP and 50% of the Senate GOP voted for what is undoubtably one of the worst monstrosities in USA history. It could have passed with only 52 Republicans in the House and 13 Republicans in the Senate!!!! IT IS A DEMOCRAT BILL!!!!  Read the rest of this entry




Attached and enclosed below is a letter mailed (snail mail) to the leading GOP elected officials that represent my home area in Pennsylvania. It pained me to believe this letter to be necessary because I still believe the GOP is the only hope for reversing the progressive leftist ideology so heavily embraced by the national Democrats. However, the failure to accomplish even one significant piece of legislation or, except the Keystone Pipeline, to even force a significant Obama veto is unacceptable considering the continued damage being inflicted by the Obama Administration. Finally, when the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell repeated three times that there was no deal involving the Export-Import bill, I felt it necessary to speak up as dishonesty within any organization or group can and frequently will cause the group to be inefficient if not totally ineffective. Plus, dishonesty violates a cardinal moral principle that has been a cornerstone for our culture.  Read the rest of this entry

Same Story Different Time


Less than two years ago the Erie County Republican Committee (ECRC) voted not to endorse any candidates for any office prior to the primary election, why?

It was thought that any person who did not invest in his/her campaign with time or money did not really want the job, they were dependent upon their friends to GIVE them the job.  In our opinion the leaders of the PA GOP were trying to manipulate the system so that the elected people will be  indebted to the supporters.  We, as a full committee, talked it over and in compliance with our by-laws we would sit out the primaries and then pull out all the stops in order to support our GOP candidate. Read the rest of this entry

Article 7-Republican Voters Elect Tom Wolf


Last week, I published an article pleading for unity among voters who are politically right of center. Divisiveness does nothing but give support and power to the national Democrat Party where every dangerous Progressive movement (Islam, Socialism, Globalism) is harbored. It does not appear that the voters who vote Republican understand either the seriousness of the leftist transformation that has already taken place nor the fact that time works against us as Obama and his multitude of radical allies enters the 4th Quarter, in Obama’s words, of his transformation activities. And, do you think they will give up the Presidency while so close to their ultimate objectives? Read the rest of this entry





It is election day and a chance to influence the future! This is particularly true if your state has either a gubernatorial or United States Senate race. FOX just reported that 322 Iraqis have been killed by ISIS from one tribe including women and children. Thanks to the Obama Administration, we have stood by as observers for almost a year while terrorists, militants, ISIS, etc. have strengthened throughout much of the Middle East. Read the rest of this entry