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Take the Clinton Cash Challenge


Take the Clinton Cash Challenge

The Clinton Cash Challenge video has gone viral – and it is essential that thateveryone takes a look.

The Video:  Clinton Cash:  The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, By Peter Schweizer.  This video should be required viewing for all Americans, but thanks to the liberal media, almost no one has seen it!

Why take the Clinton Cash Challenge?  This is the most powerful, viral way to educate and convert an undecided voter into a Trump Supporter.  The clock is ticking, but by making this video viral before November 8th, we can tip the scales to protect this Country and our way of life. Read the rest of this entry


Subject: The Stench Is Reaching The Intolerable Point!


If you’ve ever visited a landfill, you know the stench that emits from such a filthy location. As bad as the stench can be on the surface, were you to did just a little bit, the foul odor would become overwhelming and intolerable.

Today, evidence came to light with regard to unbelievable elements of the immunity deals between the FBI and Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. Two elements stand out immediately. (1) Both Mills and Samuelson’s lawyer negotiated the destruction of laptop computers for both aides, thus destroying ANY chance of procuring possible information detrimental to Hillary with regard to her no infamous email server. (2) The FBI agreed to search NO information after Jan. 31, 2015, thus eroding ANY possibility of securing information that may reveal attempts by the former Sec. of State to obstruct justice.

Unbelievable doesn’t begin to describe the way this smells. It appears that the more one digs into Hillary’s practices while head of the State Department, the more one is overwhelmed by the indescribable stench. “To high heaven” is how offensive the smell is!!! Read the rest of this entry





I agree with your comment — They are on the brink of a total victory and cannot be stopped politically if we fail to elect Mr.Trump in November. This is our last chance for several generations into the future! 


Here is my post about the Beck situation:


It is time to get serious about this election. This election is not about Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh or even Donald Trump. This is election is about throwing a “monkey wrench” into the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Marxist, Atheistic, and “administrative state.” It is time to stop listening to Beck who has failed to comprehend the seriousness of this election and thinks this can be compared to Dunkirk. This election is more like turning back the Mongol Horde in 1241 —- the miracle that spared Europe, Christianity, and Western Civilization. This is not a Dunkirk from which we can purify our movement. At Dunkirk there was a Britain to retreat to. There is no place to retreat to —- the enemies of Freedom are in the White House, they have appointed hundreds of judges to life terms, they have screwed up American healthcare, they have nationalized America’s banks via Dodd-Frank, and they have changed our culture via immigration. What doesn’t Beck comprehend —- these people must be stopped —- that is what this election is about.     Read the rest of this entry

Please join us Saturday to help elect Donald Trump!


Please join the Donald J Trump for President Campaign along with many dedicated volunteers and State Party Staff for our National Day of Action on Saturday August 27th! The National Day of Action is a day where we count on Donald Trump supporters like you to join us as we talk to voters to ensure Donald Trump wins in November.

We are proud to announce that supporters can join us at any one of 11 locations across Pennsylvania. Please see below for locations and links to RSVP! Please follow the link associated with each location and sign up so that we know to expect you and can make sure we set aside a bumper sticker and yard sign for you!    Read the rest of this entry




A conservative article published after the approval of the Omnibus Bill discussed the shame of the GOP seeking Democrat votes to accomplish approval. However, upon inspection of the Roll Call votes, it is apparent that the shame goes even deeper than simply using Democrat support.

Paul Ryan and the Republican House actually prepared, submitted, and approved a Democrat bill while presiding over the process with a huge GOP majority. This bill was not a Republican bill as indicated in the split of votes by political party. The bill was approved by 90% of the Democrat House members and 85% of the Senate Democrats while only 61% of the House GOP and 50% of the Senate GOP voted for what is undoubtably one of the worst monstrosities in USA history. It could have passed with only 52 Republicans in the House and 13 Republicans in the Senate!!!! IT IS A DEMOCRAT BILL!!!!  Read the rest of this entry



Recently, I distributed an article (ARTICLE 2) titled “America Under Siege” describing “Why” Barack Obama either does or does not accomplish expectations consistent with those of an American President. The specific objective of Article 2 was to encourage individuals, and particularly the media, to devote their efforts to interpreting daily events describing “How” the actions of Barack Obama support his stated and implied objectives.

The scandals documented in “America Under Siege” illustrate the tactics, including his attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs, being used by Barack Obama to accomplish his transformation objectives. However, the failure to understand the role of the National Democrat Party is of even greater concern than not understanding the intent of Barack Obama. In my book, Masters of Audacity and Deceit, the various organizations and individuals who made the election of a President Obama possible are summarized in three groupings with the most important of the three being the DEMOCRAT PARTY AND TRADITIONAL ALLIES. (The other two were George Soros/New World Order advocates and Progressives & Radicals.) This article titled “Democrat Party Corruption” will clearly define the Democrat Party as a tool used by various anti-American groups to support Progressive issues that have enabled the global leftist movement as well as having sponsored the election of Barack Obama. Read the rest of this entry



ARTICLE 1 WHO’S TO BLAME-WHO CAN YOU TRUST During the 2012 election cycle, two questions were asked repeatedly. They are as follows: 1. What difference does it make who we vote for since there is no difference between the Republicans and the 2. What difference does it make who we vote for since the Republicans are just as Progressive as the Democrats? The answer to these two questions does not require the endless speculation upon which the media thrives but rather only requires one to review the Washington power structure comparing the two political parties. The highlights follow:* •

Years that the Republicans controlled the Presidency, Senate, and House______________ 4 •

Years that the Democrats controlled the Presidency , Senate, and House_______________20 •

Years that the Republicans controlled the Senate and House_________________________10 •

Years that the Democrats controlled the Senate and House__________________________42 •

Years that the Republicans held a Senate supermajority_____________________________0 •

Years that the Democrats held the Presidency, a Senate supermajority, and the House___ 12 Read the rest of this entry