My friend Rose Wilson called this morning and asked if I wanted to help her give away 180 Trump/Pence yard signs at the intersection of Route 8 and Route 228 in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Of course the answer was “Yes” and we started at 11:45 and by 1:45 all 180 yard signs were claimed by happy Trump supporters.

Most of the time the atmosphere was more like a celebratory event such as that following a significant sports victory. Horns were accompanied by waves and smiling faces as the hopeful Trump supporters shared their desire for a huge Trump victory on Election Day. Truckers blasted their air horns and even semis pulled over to pick up yard signs.

I am sure none of the recipients on these contact lists will be surprised to know there was a number, although a small number, who demonstrated their opposition in various fashions. Given the phony demonstrations and ridiculous ads published by the Democrats concerning comments made by Mr. Trump, it was interesting to note that 10, including 6 young women, had no compunction with slipping the proverbial bird in my direction. One of the 6 actually slowed down, drove partially off the road, and then leaned over from the driver seat to the side window to make sure I fully appreciated her symbol of love and compassion. Hillary would have been proud!

It was a great two hours similar to attending a Trump rally where people from all walks of life gather for real and authentic change to restore our country and Make America Great Again. The only downside was not the 6 Hillary women but rather the knowledge that sanctimonious Republicans and Libertarians, both men and women, cannot and apparently will not join the Trump Movement which is the last hope and our last chance to save the great country that so many of us have taken for granted. I admit to being incapable of understanding their so severely misguided thinking.





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