Subject: The Stench Is Reaching The Intolerable Point!


If you’ve ever visited a landfill, you know the stench that emits from such a filthy location. As bad as the stench can be on the surface, were you to did just a little bit, the foul odor would become overwhelming and intolerable.

Today, evidence came to light with regard to unbelievable elements of the immunity deals between the FBI and Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. Two elements stand out immediately. (1) Both Mills and Samuelson’s lawyer negotiated the destruction of laptop computers for both aides, thus destroying ANY chance of procuring possible information detrimental to Hillary with regard to her no infamous email server. (2) The FBI agreed to search NO information after Jan. 31, 2015, thus eroding ANY possibility of securing information that may reveal attempts by the former Sec. of State to obstruct justice.

Unbelievable doesn’t begin to describe the way this smells. It appears that the more one digs into Hillary’s practices while head of the State Department, the more one is overwhelmed by the indescribable stench. “To high heaven” is how offensive the smell is!!!

Of course, the question that begs to be addressed and answered is “Why would the FBI agrees to such glaringly inappropriate, highly questionable, traitorous, potentially campaign ending terms? The ONLY answer that I can come up with is that the FBI is a complicit agency with her completely illegal activities.

So, the absolute necessity of insuring that she is NEVER elected to the highest office in the land is once again underscored. The corruption that already exists, and that will be escalated exponentially, if she gains the White House, is beyond belief.

Couple these most recent revelations with the phenomenal town hall that Donald Trump did in Herndon, VA today (a question and answer session with retired, and concerned, decorated generals, admirals, colonels, etc.), and the answers to your voting questions should be abundantly clear.

The blatant, arrogant, incessantly deceptive, diabolical, lifestyle that is Hillary (and Bill) Clinton defies one’s ability to comprehend. These two people are beyond conscienceless! The have to meet the Biblical characteristic of having consciences “seared with a hot iron.” They FEEL nothing traditionally. They SEE nothing normally. They DO nothing from a standpoint of having core values.

No, these people have deeply rooted issues the depths of which cannot be plummeted by the normal, questioning individual. “Pure evil” is the phrase that my brother uses to describe them.
So, with 36 days to go till “Election Day,” it is imperative that you do your homework, diligently seeking the mind of God, and asking, Which of these two candidates will allow me to live my values, without working tirelessly to undo my First Amendment rights? Which of these candidates will communicate honestly with me and not sell my nation to the highest bidder? Which of these candidates even remotely cares about the nation and it’s people? Which candidate will support our greatest ally, Israel, and not work to throw them under the Islamic bus? Which candidate speaks with great affection about defending Christian’s rights to be involved in the electoral process–even repeatedly stating that he wants to remove the notorious “Johnson Amendment” of the IRS tax code? Which candidate endorses the Biblical concept of “nationalism” rather than the anti-Christ concept of “globalism?”

The answer to these questions (and a host of other that could be asked) should clearly lead you to a definitive conclusion. And, for what it’s worth, a non-vote IS a vote–one that will, without doubt, allow for the election of a completely desensitized, gratingly unattractive, deceptively evil, and possibly murderous individual.

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International/HOPE To The Hill
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio


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