I agree with your comment — They are on the brink of a total victory and cannot be stopped politically if we fail to elect Mr.Trump in November. This is our last chance for several generations into the future! 


Here is my post about the Beck situation:


It is time to get serious about this election. This election is not about Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh or even Donald Trump. This is election is about throwing a “monkey wrench” into the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Marxist, Atheistic, and “administrative state.” It is time to stop listening to Beck who has failed to comprehend the seriousness of this election and thinks this can be compared to Dunkirk. This election is more like turning back the Mongol Horde in 1241 —- the miracle that spared Europe, Christianity, and Western Civilization. This is not a Dunkirk from which we can purify our movement. At Dunkirk there was a Britain to retreat to. There is no place to retreat to —- the enemies of Freedom are in the White House, they have appointed hundreds of judges to life terms, they have screwed up American healthcare, they have nationalized America’s banks via Dodd-Frank, and they have changed our culture via immigration. What doesn’t Beck comprehend —- these people must be stopped —- that is what this election is about.    


Actually I no longer think we should try so hard to convert Beck fans. I think our time is better spent getting our friends and neighbors on board. For example, I just purchased a 100 Trump signs and got a list of the Republicans in our Township. I will be asking those on a “main road” to put a Trump sign in their lawn to encourage others to speak out for Trump.


Thanks and God bless.


Bob Howard


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  1. If by Beck fans you mean conservatives who put their values above a party logo and or letter then I would agree that you should stop trying to convert them. Its truly hard to say who will be worse but safe to say that Trump is just a less progressive candidate than Clinton, each will do great harm to our republic. My only fear is that so many millennial and or independents don’t show up and give Clinton an easy win and with it a sweeping D vote down the ballot.

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