Attached and enclosed below is a letter mailed (snail mail) to the leading GOP elected officials that represent my home area in Pennsylvania. It pained me to believe this letter to be necessary because I still believe the GOP is the only hope for reversing the progressive leftist ideology so heavily embraced by the national Democrats. However, the failure to accomplish even one significant piece of legislation or, except the Keystone Pipeline, to even force a significant Obama veto is unacceptable considering the continued damage being inflicted by the Obama Administration. Finally, when the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell repeated three times that there was no deal involving the Export-Import bill, I felt it necessary to speak up as dishonesty within any organization or group can and frequently will cause the group to be inefficient if not totally ineffective. Plus, dishonesty violates a cardinal moral principle that has been a cornerstone for our culture. 


Personally, I think using USPS and sending letters to key officials can be an effective route for individuals to follow who want to try to make a difference. If any recipients of this email want to use all or any part of this letter, feel free to do so as I think it critical that congressional members at minimum voice their objections to the Obama agenda.


Bill Been




To: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell                                                          July 29, 2015

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Pennsylvania GOP Congressional Delegation


While presenting my book during the past five years, I was exposed repetitively to severe criticism of the Republican Party and elected GOP officials. That the Republican Party had miserably failed in its most important mission became evident by what I consider to be the most important failure, being the failure to differentiate themselves from Democrats and Progressives. Repeatedly, attendees at the presentations would ask how to respond when confronted with the statement that there is no difference between Democrats/Progressives and Republicans.  

Until recent weeks, this lifelong Republican had never given up hope if only more Republicans could be elected to provide a congressional majority. Now, many conservatives, myself included, find themselves searching for a GOP that apparently no longer exists. Repeated failures to deliver improvements on any of the critical problems now consuming our formerly great country has now reached the point where many of us recognize that the most severe opponent that we now face is not the Dems, not the Islamists, not the Socialists/Communists, or the multiple radical groups attacking on a daily basis. Rather, the Republican Party and its elected officials have demonstrated through words and deeds during the past few weeks that it cannot be trusted. Campaign promises have been scrapped or ignored. GOP leaders and elected representatives have actively facilitated the Obama transformational agenda.  Integrity has been severely damaged by dishonesty and misrepresentation of the worst kind.  

When the GOP Senate Majority Leader used blatant dishonesty to pass legislation in support of the transformation agenda of Obama, a new wakeup call was received. Neither the TPP Trade bill nor the Export-Import Bank bill is of any relevance to the critical issues that threaten our country, its traditions, and its heritage. However, the Majority Leader and other GOP senators appear to want to cover their despicable behavior by invoking their CYA Rule 19. Their use of Rule 19 bodes poorly for restoring the loss of integrity while leaving little hope for making any progress on conservative issues.

The integrity issue will loom over the head of Mitch McConnell throughout the balance of his senatorial tenure. Prior to his blatant dishonesty, he had clearly stated his objectives to be more consistent with those of the Obama transformation than those objectives that would stop the Obama transformation and reverse some of the damage that has already been incurred. To illustrate, McConnell distributed a video in June, 2015, that was designed to demonstrate his “accomplishments.”  He stated:

  • You sent us here to find common ground.
  • Senate is working again.
  • Over 30 pieces of legislation has been passed-significant legislation.


McConnell then highlighted four pieces of legislation that the senate has passed during his tenure as Majority Leader. They were:

  1. Entitlement Reform
  2. Medicare Improvement
  3. Tools to Combat Human Trafficking
  4. Resources to Prevent Veteran Suicides

The above “accomplishments” superimposed upon his now blatant display of dishonesty calls for him to step down as Majority Leader. He apparently believes his responsibility is to pass bipartisan legislation with the Progressive Democrats who will never deviate from the Obama agenda. He has displayed no capability of doing anything concerning the multiplicity of issues that are destroying the very basic principles that our country was built upon. By copy of this letter to my distribution lists, I would encourage that we collectively send the message that this type of Republican Party cannot and will not be tolerated by those of us who have been supportive in the past. Rather than focusing on Obama and Democrat Party corruption, it now appears that the focus needs to be the strengthening or creation of an opposition party. Many of us believed that the Republicans would at least listen to us but the Establishment represented by the Senate Majority Leader and the RNC have clearly shown that our voices mean nothing to them.

In many respects, I believe it may already be too late to reclaim the America that has been my home for over 72 years. To save America, we need strong leadership and we need it now! The continued lack of principled leadership such as that displayed by the national GOP leadership will insure the capitulation of what has been the greatest country throughout world history. Individual freedom is at stake as the failed ideologies of Socialism, Marxism and ultimately communism will continue to flourish under the unchallenged umbrella provided by the National Democrat Party.


William E. Been

105 Good Luck Lane

Mars, PA 16046


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