Same Story Different Time


Less than two years ago the Erie County Republican Committee (ECRC) voted not to endorse any candidates for any office prior to the primary election, why?

It was thought that any person who did not invest in his/her campaign with time or money did not really want the job, they were dependent upon their friends to GIVE them the job.  In our opinion the leaders of the PA GOP were trying to manipulate the system so that the elected people will be  indebted to the supporters.  We, as a full committee, talked it over and in compliance with our by-laws we would sit out the primaries and then pull out all the stops in order to support our GOP candidate.

With shades of Jonathan Gruber, one member of our committee  questioned the pre-primary endorsement and a member of the state committee informed us that they had to tell people who to vote for because we were too stupid to know.  Now I don’t know about you but I pride myself on not being a low/no information voter.  The one thing the comment taught me is what our State committeemen think of me.

In this latest round of voting we not only had all but two votes to endorse the state handpicked candidates, we also had a vote cast by an elected state committeeman who has been reported to have moved out of this State and now resides in Ohio.  How come the state GOP allowed this if not to support their pre-determined outcome?

The thing we all must remind ourselves is that the state committee is not the Erie County Republicans, they are firmly a state committee who tells us how we are to behave and who we will support.  It is time we took back our committee.

Any person who cares at all can find a raft of evidence that the candidates who were not chosen were told to drop out or face the wrath of the state GOP in the future.


What are we going to do?


Eugene Sorrentino


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