Article 7-Republican Voters Elect Tom Wolf


Last week, I published an article pleading for unity among voters who are politically right of center. Divisiveness does nothing but give support and power to the national Democrat Party where every dangerous Progressive movement (Islam, Socialism, Globalism) is harbored. It does not appear that the voters who vote Republican understand either the seriousness of the leftist transformation that has already taken place nor the fact that time works against us as Obama and his multitude of radical allies enters the 4th Quarter, in Obama’s words, of his transformation activities. And, do you think they will give up the Presidency while so close to their ultimate objectives?

With this in mind, I would like to present the content of Article 7 (attached and below) which illustrates and dramatizes the results of the lack of unity as described in Article 6.


Republican Voters Elect Tom Wolf

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett was the only incumbent Republican governor who was defeated by a Democrat challenger, Tom Wolf, in the 2014 elections. Last week, I published Article 6 which was a plea for unity rather than continuing the divisiveness that has so typified the behavior of the right-of-center voters during the last 2-3 years. The Pennsylvania 2014 general election was a dramatic example of how this behavior can directly generate a huge negative for those who desire to stop the continued advance of the Progressive Democrat leftists. Pennsylvania now has a Republican dominated legislative branch without the Executive Branch while confronting multiple items from the leftist agenda, not the least of which are Common Core, Obamacare, Energy, Unfunded Pensions, and Immigration. To say that opportunities have been squandered at a crossroads both locally and nationally would be nothing but the worst of understatements.

One would have thought that every Republican voter would have been motivated to the highest degree possible when Barack and Michelle Obama both came to Pennsylvania the week before the general election encouraging their leftist base to defeat Governor Corbett. In fact, Obama stressed how critical electing the Democrat Tom Wolf was to completing his transformational agenda!!!!

Did the Republican voters turn out in great numbers? Absolutely Not!! In fact, 900,000 Republican voters who voted in 2012 for Romney did not bother to show at the polls to vote for any candidate. This is an apathetic demonstration impacting both the state of Pennsylvania and Washington as Wolf works to assist Obama with the transformation of America.

Reviewing any statewide election results in Pennsylvania starts with analysis of Philadelphia County and Allegheny County where Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters by 300,000-600,000 votes. As would be expected, Democrat Wolf won Philadelphia County by 289K and Allegheny County by 59K for a total of 348K while winning the state by only 344K.  Two counties out of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania provided the entire victory margin for Democrat Wolf which simply means the other 65 counties standing alone would have re-elected Governor Corbett.

Even worse is the revelation apparent when reviewing the vote counts from the various Pennsylvania counties. In addition to the 900,000 who stayed home, another 225,456 Republican voters who showed up at the polls voted for the Democrat candidate Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf did not win the gubernatorial race!! It was handed to him by voters who voted for the congressional Republican candidates in 50 of the 67 Pennsylvania counties who then crossed over to vote for Tom Wolf. Had these 225,456 Republican voters also voted for Governor Corbett, a swing of 450,912 votes would have occurred erasing the 344K Wolf victory and resulting in a second term for Tom Corbett.* 

In effect, these 225,456 Republican voters with their own agendas destroyed the hope and objectives of the 1.6 million people who voted for Governor Corbett. The impact will be immediate with totally unnecessary gridlock in Harrisburg while providing support for the Obama agenda in Washington!!! Amplifying the impact in Harrisburg was the election of several additional conservative Republicans to the state Senate which resulted in the removal of the liberal Republican speaker who has been an impediment to the implementation of conservative legislation while also impeding the major efforts of Governor Corbett. We have lost a huge opportunity to implement a conservative agenda in Pennsylvania while also losing the ability to provide statewide resistance in what we hope will be the final two years of Barack Obama.

*Neither Philadelphia nor Allegheny are part of the 50 counties that showed the voting pattern supporting the calculation of the 225, 456. All county data was taken from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State website.

January 14, 2015

William E. Been


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