ARTICLE 1 WHO’S TO BLAME-WHO CAN YOU TRUST During the 2012 election cycle, two questions were asked repeatedly. They are as follows: 1. What difference does it make who we vote for since there is no difference between the Republicans and the 2. What difference does it make who we vote for since the Republicans are just as Progressive as the Democrats? The answer to these two questions does not require the endless speculation upon which the media thrives but rather only requires one to review the Washington power structure comparing the two political parties. The highlights follow:* •

Years that the Republicans controlled the Presidency, Senate, and House______________ 4 •

Years that the Democrats controlled the Presidency , Senate, and House_______________20 •

Years that the Republicans controlled the Senate and House_________________________10 •

Years that the Democrats controlled the Senate and House__________________________42 •

Years that the Republicans held a Senate supermajority_____________________________0 •

Years that the Democrats held the Presidency, a Senate supermajority, and the House___ 12 Never, in the last 62 years, have the Republicans had the power to enact their legislation if the Democrats did not agree! In only 4 of the 62 years did the Republicans have the power to set the congressional agenda under a Republican president. Would it surprise anyone to learn that most of the programs that have created huge Budget Deficits were approved when the Democrats had the Presidency, the House, and a Senate supermajority? Some of the most significant examples are Obamacare and the Financial Regulatory Reform Act of 2010, CRA of 1977, and the Great Society legislation of the 1960s with its multitude of social and welfare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. The right-of-center voters who blame the GOP and advocate throwing all of the elected officials out need to take a good hard look in the mirror. These right-of-center voters have miserably failed for the past 62 years to provide Republicans in both the Legislative and Executive branches of our government with the political power to enact a conservative agenda. Even more important, this failure has also impaired these same Republicans in attempts to thwart the Progressive zealots operating within the national Democrat Party. The Democrat voters have provided their elected officials with the power to enact their agenda while the right-of-center voters are, at minimum, equally complicit with the Republican Party in having allowed the Democrats almost unchallenged control of our nation’s government since It is time for the voters who are right-of-center to unite and start dealing with the real problems that our country faces. Instead of blaming the elected Republicans and failing to vote based upon various personal litmus tests, perhaps everyone needs to examine why they were not a part of an endeavor that would have at least accomplished a balance of power. In short, none of us know what a Republican supermajority might do. In the four years that the Republicans did have control of Congress and the Presidency, the filibuster and the threat of such was used by the Democrats to stop initiatives such as Tax Reform, Private Accounts for Social Security, and the 2005 bill to improve regulations for Fannie and Freddie. This 2005 bill (S. 190), as documented in my book Masters of Audacity and Deceit, was the last chance to have stopped or minimized the Financial Crisis and it received no, meaning zero, support from the Democrats in the Senate including Barack Obama. While the Democrat voters unite, the right-of-center voters entertain 3rd and ridiculous declarations that Republicans must be taught a lesson. Do we want freedom or socialism, balanced budgets or financial disaster, our proven constitution or Progressivism, national sovereignty or global submission? With Obama and his Progressive allies making it clear that they intend to transform America, we must not let differences within the right-of-center voters continue to destroy future opportunities to stop Obama and the Progressive *Source: http://uspolitics.about.com/od/usgovernment/l/bl_party_division_2.htm parties, not voting protests, defeating RINOs,

William E. Been


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