In Millcreek the Regional Chairman just turned down two enthusiastic committee people willing to take part in the new telephoning project designed by two Republican women.
New and old committee people find Republicans who honor “CONTROL” as a method of making a name for themselves in Republican circles, a dastardly act!
I came back from attending the State Committee and hearing the Governor and Lt. Governor ask us to pull all the stops to get them elected even though polls are reporting them behind Democratic candidate,Tom Wolf.  Because I had already made over 800 calls for the Governor and 100 of my own questions in the Millcreek 13 District, I was all “ginned up” to go at it again.  I was going to ignore my past plea to see other Millcreek committee names up on the tally board at Republican headquarters and chalk up a couple hundred more calls!

When I emailed the Millcreek Regional Chairman, Robert Yates, that I would pick up the special project telephone list at the headquarters to save him dropping it off to me, he said my District 13 was covered by someone and no more phoning was needed.  WHAT??????
Not to be discouraged, I stopped by headquarters and Shirley Brozell told me Robert Yates had all the lists and she called him while I inquired from Brandon if he really didn’t need any more calls to be made for the Governor.  Why did Robert pick on District 13 to get some one to cover them besides the committee people elected to do that job?  I have always been an active committee person
Are Peg Mitchell and Lou Aliota being discriminated against?  I’m glad I checked up on this misinformation he gave me by e-mail so I can keep on making calls for Governor Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.  We retirees should be able to do more calling than working committee people, so let’s go and get the job done. 
I took postcards to address for Luke Lofgren, candidate for State Representative to do while watching Television.  Come on people, get busy!
Peg Mitchell
Millcreek District 13



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