One step forward two steps back


Recently I saw the new slogan for the Obama-Biden campaign which just plainly stated the word ‘Forward’ and gone are the days of ‘Hope and Change’ and ‘Yes We Can.’

I don’t have any idea how they chose this slogan but it didn’t take me much to be reminded that it is the same as the one used by the Burma Socialist Program Party, some forty years ago. When I recently mentioned this, one of my former classmates who agreed that that same slogan took us backward many years.

The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of Marxists and radicals that they represent the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism. One can find this slogan as well as many Marxist publications named “Forward” in their different languages, be they Germans, Russians or Burmese for that matter.

Without being too repetitive I must remind ourselves that my native country was a very fulfilled society endowed with multitude of natural resources and was voted most likely to succeed amongst newly independent nations in Asia.

Within about ten years after the socialist takeover the negative effects of centralized government power and a command economy had reduced the country into a repressed pauper nation, that by the fifth decade of socialist rule it was racing to the bottom vying for poorest nation status although it was really tough to beat Zimbabwe out of that spot.

By now most of us are aware that this slogan is oftentimes used by many socialist and communist regimes and organizations. I sincerely hope that the Obama-Biden campaign folks are acutely conscious of the association of the word with those ideologies.

The sign of the times is ominous and we are in difficult economic straits as we experience more and more centralization of political power and the not too subtle encroachment of socialist ideology and wealth distribution policies of the Obama administration laced with rhetoric of class warfare,  makes me distinctly reminiscent of the bad times in my life.

I hope that this is not a deliberate effort to make us keenly associate the slogan with what is to come in a potential second term when Obama will be unrestrained by the need to face the electorate anymore. Like he reassured the then Russian President Medvedev  to tell the incoming President Putin that he (Obama) will have more flexibility after the election: He will also have more leeway in instituting socialistic policies.

I am afraid that the step forward may lead to many steps backward to the detriment of America and Americans.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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