For life


Today I looked at the Obama-Biden web site and saw a very curious slide show aptly named ‘The life of Julia’ and my interest was piqued more so because I had a sister with the same name. Sadly she passed away when she was only eleven.

She was somewhat fortunate although fortunate is a cruel word to attach to an event that is the end of life, but paradoxically appropriate since she passed away only six weeks after the socialist dictatorship and the military junta– which began the cascade of brutality, killings, shortages of life’s essentials and of life itself– began cruelly and the reign of terror lasted some fifty years.

Obama’s Julia according to the slide show was given all the advantages that life can offer under a cradle to grave socialist system,I for one cannot ever be persuaded to toe the line,  because I have tasted the freedom that this nation offered me for four decades.

Americans are fortunate since they have never had undergone hardship and survival challenges–  in modern times–  that most others in the world had to go through since the end of World War II. In this nation we enjoy all the essentials and amenities of life which is unprecedented in the history of the world. We in this nation are still the envy of the world.

Now it is disappointing that some of us are beginning to envy the social systems which some of our leaders have become enamored with and are leading us towards those who were envying us to begin with. Those same leaders are inserting class warfare and denying the existence of American exceptionalism  in totality.

How sad is it when we in America who enjoy the ‘heaven-on-earth’ goal that Communism could only dream about and failed in its quest for one, is denigrating itself. However some of our leaders want to provide and extend security to every citizen at every phase of life by an all-powerful government which is getting bigger by the year.

This reminds me of Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, who wrote that  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The keyword is ‘temporary’ because statism and socialism eventually collapse from its own weight.

Though in this day and age of terrorism, issues of physical safety may hold our attentions in focus the meaning is universally true, even in terms of social life and safety,. The safety that Obama is implying for Julia–since none of that has been achieved fully as yet–  will result in the slow but sure loss of freedoms that we currently enjoy even in the social realm..

Like Ben Franklin I fully believe in the inversely proportional relationship between the two qualities: safety and freedom, security and liberty. Mind you it is not only at the individual level but at the mass public level since the funds to provide for Julia’s every need has to come from the State which takes by forcible means from its other citizens: because the state does not produce anything and for the state to give to some it has to take from others.

The Marxist philosophy of  “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds great in theory except when put into practice. Recent state practitioners have failed like the Soviet bloc of nations and others  are on their way to failure. like Cuba and North Korea.

What is most scary about “The life of Julia” is that the show opened up with her at the age of three and ended when she was a fully mature 67 years old, and during the whole story Obama was still the president in office. That is Julia’s whole lifetime: by God  I’ve seen this show before in my own country, China, Cuba and in North Korea and is called “President for life,” “The Great Leader,” “Dear Leader” or just “The Chairman.”

So, the slide show is misnamed: “The life of Julia,” should really be called “My One Life Term.”


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