The Freedom Zone


This weekend I entered the “Freedom Zone” as I was attending the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Camp Hill, PA for those few days.

I met some of the most eloquent conservative leaders from Pennsylvania’s many counties who gave me an insight into the goings on in the commonwealth. The constitutional course–that I participated in– reaffirmed what I already know about the Bill of Rights and an interesting way of looking at the words expressed within the document.

The importance of understanding those words should not leave one in doubt and one should never be swayed by modern-day interpretations which can be used by a liberal media to obfuscate true conservatives and the population at large..When in doubt go back to the dictionary or interpretation of when the Founding Fathers wrote the words.

The whole conference was very well attended by some 800 registrants and the whole place was populated by people of like mind and purpose. We were there to exchange views–not on what we believe in– but more on how we want to go about replacing the socialist administration which is taking us down the road of ruination.

It became rapidly apparent to me that we, conservatives, face the same challenges wherever we may live and I was encouraged to learn that we believe in the same principles whether it is to reform government or even the Republican Party itself.

I learned a great deal during the conference and some of them were invaluable but what occurred to me there was very similar to attending a professional seminar: where I became more encouraged in knowing that what I have been doing and believing is very similar to what everybody else within the discipline was also doing and thinking, and that gave me the additional resolve to continue on the pathway that I have chosen to follow.

By the time I write about the program agenda and about the excellent speakers in the weeks to follow– like Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC), Senator Pat Toomey, Grover Norquist , Lt. Governor James Cawley, Herman Cain, Presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Senate candidates Christian, Rohrer, Scaringi, Smith and Welch– it would no longer be news, but there will certainly be materials that we can learn from.

The power of their presentations was amazing and the entertaining quality cannot be detracted from them especially from after dinner speaker Frank Luntz, the word meister, who showed us the power of the spoken and written word in some yet to be released commercials which are still in the pipeline.

I met James O’Kieffe, the producer of those video exposé which brought down liberal icons like ACORN, NPR, NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) and Planned Parenthood by having them defend their own ideas. He actually used Saul Alinsky’s own dictum to turn the tables on those organizations. His undercover video reporting showed to me the bankruptcy of ideas and principles of these far left organizations whom would use public deception to further their goals and aims.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that some of the presenters were born in foreign countries and are local office holders and activists holding views similar to mine, love America and shared my same concerns of what is going on now, just as though I can hear myself lamenting. They came from Ireland, England and Brazil.

I realized finally that I have spent a few good days in a “Freedom Zone” but mostly because I did not see or meet even one person who was close to being a socialist. My only regret is that I have to reenter the inevitable real world.


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