Colored Memories


I cherish the memories of my arrival in the USA some forty-one years ago on St. Patrick’s Day. Unlike the hordes of immigrants who came during the early 20th century from Europe, I came alone and I came by plane instead of by ocean-going vessel, .

Two memorable coincidental events occurred. The first was my stop at immigration, where I was issued a ‘green’ card’ as it is known still to this day, which allowed me to stay as a legal resident and the other was a ‘green’ shirt. I didn’t even realize what the latter meant until I passed through customs when the agent greeted me with a ‘Happy St. Paddy’s Day‘ handshake and told me the significance of my green Arrow shirt. He said that it is traditional to wear green on this particular holiday, which of course, I was unaware of before.

Since then I have considered myself an honorary Irishman and I wore green every time the holiday came around. When I decided to come alone to the USA traveling some ten thousand miles since I flew over the Pacific, it was because I was totally disillusioned by the socialist government which by then was in their tenth year of power, more than enough time to ruin the economy and national wealth.

Having barely survived the system over there I was quite well-prepared for the hardship that I endured as a lone immigrant without any money and without family or friend. During those few first years I suffered from a lack of green, the color of money as well as that of trees since I lived in a concrete jungle of gray in the City of Brotherly Love. Life initially was very difficult but it was close to nothing compared to the misery of life under the socialists.

Besides the shortage of creature comforts under Socialism, was the shortage of basic materials like food, clothing and shelter and most glaringly the absence of basic freedoms such as speech, assembly, worship, property rights and petition, which are taken for granted in the USA.

One has to look over one’s shoulders to be sure that the secret police is not listening in or being informed by practically anyone who wants to get one into trouble. One can definitely land in jail or in custody for whatever the authorities consider is subversive in nature.

I am beginning to feel the autocracy and the infringement upon those basic freedoms creeping into our American life, including the right to keep and bear arms and unreasonable search and seizures. These assaults have been increasing more and more and gaining in speed over the decades that I have lived here.

Management of our economy is also becoming more centralized and the size of government has grown to an enormous size with a huge appetite for spending as well as taxation. The attitude that government knows best what is good or bad for you is gradually being crammed down our throats. Just think back on how Obamacare was legislated by hook and by crook just some two years ago.

The cruelest form of taxation which will become more and more severe is inflationary price increases from priming of the money pump by the Federal Reserve Bank  and the relentless rise in gasoline and oil prices which will continue to increase inflationary pressures.

Just within the short month of February consumer prices rose by 0.4% the highest in ten months according to numbers released on Friday. Inflation robs the buying power and thus the wealth of this nation and I recall in my old country how devastating that was. US Dollar to local currency went from 5 units to 850 presently even in the face of inflation of our dollar. People did not count bank notes individually anymore but used a yardstick to measure the pile of paper money to settle business transactions:It would be humorous and farcical if it were not rue.

Huge government mandated entitlement programs which continually need to be fed, compels this government to borrow enormous sums of money. The debt is now $15.5 trillion and climbing when checked just as of a few moments ago. More than a third of that debt will have been incurred by this administration, which seems to have lost its way and its head in its inability to guide the ship of state.

Huge budget deficits running over a trillion dollars a year continue to add to the debt  and even more than forty years ago PSP socialists were pointing to the USA whose example they claimed to have been following and of course those were during the years of LBJ’s own ‘Great Society’ programs and the ‘War on Poverty’ which were in full swing as the buds of socialistic programs were beginning to bloom in America; not forgetting that the Viet Nam War was also in full swing.

The standard of living will necessarily have to decline because of all these forces coming to act at the same time when an ideologue heads an administration enamored by socialist and Marxist principles. President Obama appears to be completely unable to either comprehend or find effective solutions to the declining economy and continues to ignore common sense solutions because of the rigidity of his socialist beliefs.

He has labeled this a ‘time of economic recovery’ but I have seen more robust ones during which I felt really good although my earning power then was just a fraction of what it is currently.

The monetary-fiscal problem is the first ‘green’ item that this president has not been able to satisfactorily address even after he has spent tons of green to bring us to this point. He has broken time-honored rules in business like cheating bond holders of GM to pay off his union supporters, lessen the integrity of the system as well as reduce investor confidence which further our economic decline .

The other ‘green’ item that he is proposing is probably also giving rise to the problems of the first ‘green’ and that is the energy inflation because of the relative shortage of traditional sources based on fossil fuels. Because of his reluctance to develop oil and natural gas sources which we have in abundance because of new discoveries, we are now far from being energy independent.

Gasoline prices have risen to twice that of when he came into office and to make matters worse he continues to pour our greenbacks into green algae–the green slime that grows in stagnant water– and into green energy like wind and solar, which today are impractical and are not sustainable in the free market:most of us know of the wind and solar energy subsidies which have been wasted or had gone to his political cronies.

His Energy Secretary wanted us to pay European prices for gasoline and would you know what they are today, yes, today? I was watching French television and on the news they reported a high of €2.00 for a liter of gas and that equates to $9.75 per gallon at today’s exchange rate.

He wanted it that high and Obama concurs because they wanted to push ‘green energy’ onto the unwary but weary American public. The short video illustrates that Obama wanted us where we are now, so don’t expect any help in this department unless of course it appears to derail his reelection bid.

Even as I have a lot to cheer about my two green items those that were mine on this day in the beginning I am profoundly sad and melancholic about the two Obama green items that are problematic in my life today as I am seeing red at the same color those Marxists use as their battle color.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day folks!


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