Life and Quality


What does the Socialist Program Party (SPP) in my old country have in common with US conservatives? As we already know they have almost nothing in common except   that they also are  opposed to abortion and sterilization.

The American conservative movement believes in the sanctity of life and are opposed to termination of life with a few exceptions. The SPP  does not believe in the same sanctity but they are opposed to abortion because they believe that by outlawing abortion they will be aided in the march towards socialist utopia by an increasing population.

Yes, it is illegal and punishable to perform either abortion or sterilization. I shall be pondering on some personal thoughts on these at a future date, but I can say that I am staunchly against abortion on demand and I am pro-life and pro-quality of life, which our American system has been able to provide so far; but I have noticed a steady deterioration. .

Sanctity of life never entered into SPP’s calculations since over the decades of rule they never shied away from killing–whether by judicial executions or just mass killings–whenever their hold on power is challenged. Their purpose was solely for increasing the population and thereby their near-slave labor force.

They were so successful in this program of growing the population that the total census rose from about twenty-two million when I left the country to close to sixty million  inhabitants currently on the same land area.

However their greatest failure was in the department of increasing the wealth of the nation because of their poor performance in the economic sector in all aspects. The per capita productivity and therefore of wealth was dramatically reduced as the population continued to grow. There were many more additional mouths to feed and thereby food shortages began to be the norm whereas food used to be abundant before their failed policies were instituted.

In any other word they were decreasing the quality of life by manufacturing poverty through ineptitude and incompetence in managing productivity and wealth. As poverty increased the misery index was ratcheted up and grew by geometric proportions and engendered more and more corruption, increasing plunder and heightened oppression. A vicious circle once started became more and more difficult to reverse.

So, one might ask; why am I discussing this at all? Because I noticed during this presidential contest that our conservative candidates were overlooking–that 800 pound gorilla in the room–the declining economy and ways to improve it.

They as well as you and I know that we are in trouble not because of social issues such as abortion, sterilization and contraception but because of the economic recession.  Our subsequent anemic recovery, the mounting national debt in excess of fifteen trillion dollars–$15,000,000,000,000 –almost equaling our gross domestic product (GDP) and the piling up of that debt through year after year of declining productivity and increasing budget deficits are really our immediate cause of our problems..

Then why are conservative candidates being lured into talking about social issues instead of the economy? By chasing the red herring a candidate like Mr.Santorum is being led into shooting his mouth off augmented by Rush Limbaugh to take their eyes off the ball–the economy.

This is a trap carefully laid by the president and his party to remove our focus from the ailing economy and into the side alley ways and Santorum– with Limbaugh’s aid– could not help himself from taking the bait. Remember, George Stephanopoulos setting the trap during the ABC Republican debate when he repeatedly asked Mitt Romney on contraception and whether he favored a constitutional amendment against contraception: George stopped only when Mitt said that contraception was a settled issue and he did not think that it was a problem at all.

The whole episode with Ms. Fluke was also manufactured by the Democrats and Limbaugh’s follow through with his damaging remarks swung public attention away from the Obama imposed mandate on the religious institutions and their affiliations–a constitutional issue–into an argument about contraception and women’s health.

My friends, the election is going to be won or lost on economic issues–which include the price and affordability of everything including gasoline–and not on social issues. It never was the situation in my native country and it won’t be so in this country either. Success or failure of a government whether it is run by SPP or by Obama Democrats will always be because of inability to achieve economic growth and tackle the unemployment problem:Jobs, jobs and jobs as we all know.

Arguably social issues are important as the root cause of many ills in all societies but the economy is what makes countries tick. There is a time and place for social issues because I think they are very important, especially if they involve trampling on the fundamentals protected by the Constitution. But the administration was successful in defusing mandates of Obamacare infringing upon ‘freedom of religion’  by diversion of this discussion into that of women’s rights and health issue. Rush Limbaugh fell into that trap and hurt the conservative cause and Rick Santorum‘s mutterings on contraception and procreation complimented the deterioration.

Obama cannot and does not want to run on his utterly miserable record and he knows that he will lose, but by diverting attention to these other issues he has a fair chance of winning. It improved his chances for the election and increased his approval amongst women. Santorum may have lost Michigan and Ohio because of his uttering on the topic.

This is an age-old tactic used even by socialist and statists: they divert  attention of the population away from the miseries of the day by creating social, racial and ethnic pandemonium.  That happened in 1967 in my native country and I still bear the mental scars of that time period. I fear that the same is being planned here and I wouldn’t be surprised if something more is in store . In present day America it is the ‘culture wars’ and Democrats are master practitioners in that.

We can talk about social issues when economic times are good and that is when we can   trace the roots of evil back to those causes and eradicate them with socially conservative principles, but I don’t think that this is the time and we must not lose focus.


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