A friend once said something that I have known all along but never thought seriously about it. But I know it is a serious topic if one even puts a little bit more awareness. That topic is “Difference.”

He said that ” for a difference to make a difference must be different.” When I pondered upon it I found out that it has a profound meaning which on superficial examination one is  lulled into a false state of comfort, not knowing one’s own ignorance.

I was one of those people who was ignorant of my own ignorance until I became actively involved in the machinery of the Republican Party. Previously I have just been a believer in the popular ideals of the party which was embodied in Ronald Reagan and his conservative philosophy and I actually believed that Republicans are mostly like what Reagan represented and Democrats are the embodiment of a mild form of western socialism that is popular in Western Europe.

The cruel Marxist socialism which I am more familiar with during my youth cannot be and would not be happening here, I thought. But, with the election of the current president my misconception has been totally shattered: It not only can happen here but it is happening here.    .

With this administration’s policies of class warfare rhetoric which had been purposely orchestrated is culminating in the “occupy” movement which is one instrument of the agenda. Thank goodness that movement was populated by undisciplined and untrained people who made a mockery of their own existence. They could have been the shock troops if organized properly for the continued assault on the rest of our civilization to be exploited and used by the current president.

But, the worst damage that the “occupy” troops have brought upon us may have been that the infectious nature of their populist attack against capitalism, not just the crony capitalism that they  profess to fight and overturn and seem to be the root cause of their discontent..

That contagion has even infected Republicans, though some Republicans that I have come in contact with have latent sympathies for such views originally and are indistinguishable covertly from traditional Democrats. These Republicans in our city have long coexisted in a symbiotic relationship with Democrats and have shared in a power arrangement with the Democrats and have merged into and have become a blob as far as their philosophy is concerned. They are only distinguishable by the different animal pins they wear on their lapels or blouses. They even share in the same corruptive political practices and moral decadence.

The sorriest part of the story is when the infection spread to our current crop of presidential candidates; when Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry started the screed on Mitt Romney and on the evils of capitalism. These two candidates have lost my respect when they call themselves conservatives–who should be for capitalism and free enterprise– are instead screaming their heads off with socialist rhetoric only dared utter by Marxists. They are making wealth and wealth creation as wicked and evil endeavors to be taken down at the first available opportunity.

In my opinion they are no “different” from Obama who will now be emboldened by these Republicans’ charges against Romney and will probably join in the chorus when the time comes since Obama is the true believer and those two are perhaps only mouthing the lines because it sounds good and keeps in tune with the moment. In this aspect they are no different from Obama or his Marxist beliefs.

To really show and make a difference, these two will need to go out and distinguish themselves by showing that when they govern (Newt if he is elected and Perry when he gets home to Austin) that they will do so by NOT being as purposeful in their destruction of this nation as the incumbent.

N.B. Since penning this article Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary convincingly. with 40% of votes cast. Various reasons led to his victory one of which may be the above, but my wish is that he will be able to show a difference if he ever gets a chance to govern because demagoguing free markets and capitalism is not distinguishing him from Obama.


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