Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


To all of my friends and readers, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

I would like you to know how much I enjoy doing what I am doing in expressing my opinion and engaging in honest and sincere debate within my community and the country which I truly love. I have been given a great and uncommon opportunity to be a useful citizen of this country which has allowed me to enjoy the rights and privileges which has eluded me in my native country.

The beauty of the political system as designed and as practiced are what makes our system here very interesting and I have immersed myself into the full swing of events as I now have the luxury to study and indulge myself in the cultivation of the fruits of this constitutional democracy.

Some of us who are born here may find the process rather frustrating and perhaps tire of  what they consider the constant bickering and so called gridlock which is occurring in the halls of congress. Indeed the system can certainly be tweaked for better performance and the process can definitely be better. I believe that some of the fundamental thinking in spending and taxing can be modified so that we can escape from the unrelenting debt  crisis which can be solved.

By solving the debt crisis we can avert the disaster that awaits us in the future because some countries in the European Union have already arrived at the end stage of this disease. But common citizens like me cannot throw our hands up and walk away from the problem in disgust.

Two days ago I was riding the shuttle provided by my car dealer when I left my car for service and the driver said that he is so disgusted by the two parties and how they are constantly at odds and he does not have anymore interest or incentive to engage in the political process. I told him that he has the wrong attitude by not participating. I questioned him whether he would rather live under a dictatorship of the proletariat– the common catch phrase used by Marxists or even a right wing dictatorship as in Fascism.

Of course, I explained to him that as a person who had lived under a dictatorship of the former kind led by a socialist government I find the system here to be extremely efficient and functional and my recommendation to him is to participate in what we have here and to try to make it function better by making it more honest, transparent and ethical. Apathy is the enemy of our constitution and we have a duty to help preserve it for the generations to come. Some people may think that those systems look good from afar but downright atrocious to live under them like in North Korea or Cuba.

So let us strive together to avoid that fate…because if we don’t it’ll only be a matter of time–friends don’t think that it can’t happen here.

Merry Christmas again folks.


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