Human Nature


Last week I was interested in preservation of the term “Capitalist,” when Frank Luntz suggested substituting it with market oriented terminology. He is a wordsmith and understands the impact of words on human behavior and perception. 

The reason I was opposed to it was because I think that people should still represent who they are by what they are and I gave several examples. However I am convinced that capitalism will exist forever and have existed since the first two people were evicted from the truly communist state in the “Garden of Eden.”

Now, don’t get me wrong on this statement; what I basically meant was that a communist state could only exist in the innocence of the days within the confines of the chosen place in the beginning. The moment Adam and Eve left the garden, the paradise on earth which communism wanted us to achieve went with them: because stateless communism is the perfect condition imagined by the Marxists. That is a condition where there is no government and no class: neither capitalists nor working class, neither rich nor poor, neither the ruler nor the ruled exist. All necessities are provided and people produce things for their own use and everybody has access; no profits are made and no exploitation occurs.

No amount of political struggle waged in the present day world will ever recreate that state, because human nature which makes us commit one sin or the other or even all of them individually or collectively, will prevent us from returning there. Capitalism has therefore existed since then in its embryonic form and this has grown to the proportions of today.

Even in countries ruled by Communist parties as they existed in the Soviet Union and its satellites and in today’s Peoples’ Republic of China, capitalism was or is the norm respectively: It just happens to be run by the State, therefore branded as state capitalism. I should remind the reader that there are or were countries ruled by communist parties but the communist condition was never achieved. They only arrived at the intermediate stage of socialism.

A step up (or down) would be a true socialist state where profit, innovation and enterprise would be redistributed with the wealth and would therefore blunt the same incentive which gave us the profit, innovation and enterprise which has been built up. As time moved along there would be less and less of all of those to the point where there wouldn’t be anymore to distribute.

Again human nature is the quality which– when given a chance to thrive–  gave us the highest quality of life ever known to humankind in capitalist America and which we may lose in socialist America, just like it is happening in many western European nations practicing socialism as well as in many Asian nations where socialism is practiced in their political systems. Where I used to live Socialism practiced by the ruling totalitarian regime converted–within five decades–a highly successful, wealthy and energetic nation into a failed state just a few rungs above the poorest Somalia and recently ranked as the second worst government in the whole wide world of today.


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