I cannot understand


I came to the USA more than 40 years ago to escape from a cruel, inept and incomprehensible Socialist system which governed my country of birth, without the consent of the people.

Because of my personal experience, I am constantly on the watch for signs of degradation in our liberty and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of the USA. Lately, I have seen many instances of infringements on those rights by various persons and political groups and definitely by the US government.

What I fail to understand is why in this country certain political powers including the president and congress promote the deliberate dismantling of those rights. This country is exceptional, in my opinion, because its citizenry is protected from the excesses of government which are so frequently found in the rest of the world.

The people in this country have prospered over the last two centuries and more so because of this protection, but some amongst us would like to see the demise of these rights in exchange for redistribution of wealth and the end of the free market capitalism as we know it. They would also like to give government more and more power so that those ends may be achieved through governmental power.

That is exactly what prevailed, in the nation I escaped from, but basically because of selfish human nature  we automatically recognize a handout and cannot resist exploiting it. The end result is naturally the decline of productivity and the pie gets smaller and everybody gets less of everything, The equalization of wealth on average is notched downwards and never upwards as we become equally poor. Corruption becomes commonplace and bribery is part of daily life. Corruption becomes absolute when the man on the street considers it normal in daily life.

This phenomenon is contagious but always begins in small ways and under special circumstances but becomes more widely practiced as time goes on. I was really alarmed when one local leader recently did not see anything wrong in a transaction which to others with a higher level of cognition as being unacceptable, for its corruptive nature.

So, I know now, that we in America are finally joining up with he rest of the world and if we run faster we may even catch up and surpass them. Our duty, as responsible Americans, is to make sure that that day will never come.


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