Failure of Leadership


This past week was full of events and all of it was centered on the failure of leadership, which I witnessed, at the local party level which could theoretically be applied at all levels right up to the national. 

The causes of failure began about 18 to 20 months ago when I first began to actively engage with members and leadership of the local party. What I saw was the uninspiring leader who was indecisive and had a vision, albeit admirable, but lacked the ability to execute it effectively. This lack was in life experience to manage complex human interactions and to assume responsibility and decisiveness.

He was arguably placed in the leadership position by other members within the hierarchy who individually or collectively meant to control the leader all along consistent with their own overall agenda. However, for a period of about twelve months he was fortunate to be surrounded by newer participants at the grassroots level. These activist were very enthusiastic in helping the leader achieve his goals and followed faithfully the direction they were given.

However, his continuous erratic behavior and inconsistent decision making amounting to almost total absence of good decisions finally made these followers give up on him. To add to the disappointment was that he continually said untruths and misled the followers into finally uncovering  the fraudulence of his ways.

These new activists are from a different background than what the leader was accustomed to up to that point. Since they were not professional politicians they expected honesty, respect, integrity, transparency and accountability.

The natural course followed as disillusionment set in within the ranks when they discovered that the facts were in conflict with what they had been told all along and they wanted answers to more and more questions because as they were given answers which again proved to be untrue. This raised more questions and eventually the house of cards began to fall down and it culminated in open calls for accountability and transparency. Even then, the telling of untruths continued way past the midnight hour and collectively began to engage in unethical and unsavory behavior to quell the dissatisfaction within the troops.

The interesting observation was that even at the eleventh hour the leadership continued to fail in the role that they played individually and collectively by complete abdication of responsibility and further fell into a quagmire which is certainly going to be difficult to extricate themselves and may actually end up in consuming them.


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