What a revelation-4


We have a lack of leadership at many different levels today. Worse sometimes when it is bad leadership rather than just an absence of it.

Good leaders that I’ve met along my journey in life have two qualities that I admire and I have willingly followed those leaders and I have benefited from their guidance and my emulation of them.

The first quality is that they have always exhibited a vision of where they want to take their organization or country or even a very small contingent which could be a platoon or company in the military. Naturally the smaller the unit, the more limited in scope the “vision thing” as George H.W Bush once said that he did not have. I think that lack was noted and was noticed by the electorate who rejected him in 1992.

The second quality which I admire is the decisiveness and the conviction to follow through on the vision. This also requires an integral quality that there is enough training and experience to tackle the task at hand. Missing the last, the leader fails and his leadership is looked upon as absent or bad especially when detrimental results are obtained. The detriment can be both to the organization and to individuals who serve those outfits.

Lately I have seen the failure at the national level as well as at the local level. The worst happens when they either ignore good advice, adhere to wrong beliefs or are just plain incompetent.. Unhappily I am seeing that occur nationally and locally.


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