What a revelation-2


Failure occurs when leadership is either absent, missing in action or even worse when there is bad leadership.

Governments, countries and organizations fail and they are either destroyed completely or just sputter on; crippled forever. I have read about completely failed states where dissolution of civil order happens and constant state of war exists; where real governments cannot or do not survive and are ruled by warlords.

We have seen this in history and the evolution of a great society like China before Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was like that. Today we see that in Somalia and one only has to open the daily newspaper or turn on the television to be confronted by the awful reports.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a republic and a constitution so that we may keep it, as one of them famously said. We survived barely at first but thrived because we have a great foundation and excellent leadership especially at critical periods in our history. They always came through for this fortunate nation over the past two hundred years.

We are at a point in history where our good fortune may be running out. This country is on the wrong track because of what I see as decades of misrule and I have my opinion of a series of presidents that I lived under. The surprising part about them is that they are all educated and some of them are very well-educated in the formal sense. They went to great colleges and universities some ivy league universities in fact.

Corruption. lack of common sense and street smarts, inadequate life experiences to understand the fundamentals of how human societies work  have led to failed presidencies; Nixon because of corruption, Ford was a simpleton, Carter for lack of commonsense and indecision in spite of being a nuclear submarine engineer.

The current president in spite of his academic credentials clearly does not have a full understanding of what makes America tick. He is definitely a very rigid ideologue without much life or executive training and experience to run the largest corporation in the world. His beliefs and biases are so one-track that he is almost incapable of changing course in spite of the failure of his methods. which I am sure, he must see.

We all have heard about the man with a hammer, I am sure, for we know that to him the whole world looks just like a nail. Mr. President when we are building a house we also need saws and drills and screws and wood and cement and concrete and trowels and a myriad of other instruments too and please take off your shades so that your vision will be clearer and not tinted so pink.

 Next installment: This leadership thing at the local level.

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