What a revelation-1


Recently an epiphany came to me. It is a light that shone through the darkness  of the forces that are engulfing this nation and of the local scene.

What is this revelation, one may ask? It is a realization that lack of leadership is prevalent throughout our system. Is this because of lack of education? I don’t believe so, since my experience shows that our so-called leaders who lack that quality, are often well educated;at least on paper. We had great leaders in the past who had less education on paper than our present time.

Look at the current president for instance, his educational credentials are excellent and something that even I can admire, but his lack of leadership qualities is profound to the point of being scary. Enumeration is not needed because they are too many to list.

I found that at the local level in the city government, county government, township government as well as in the public school system. It even permeates down to local party governance.

Just like the dark forces of an illness which engulfed my body almost three years ago this sickness is a threat to our body politic and unless we can overcome this disease we will not survive much longer. But if by the grace of God or fate or just pure triumph of good medicine and should we survive we shall emerge stronger just like I did physically.

More on this topic later.


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