My thoughts on voting– 1


Citizenship of the United States of America is one of the most cherished privileges that can be granted in this world. Amongst many rights granted by the constitution is the right to cast a vote for the person to represent that citizen in his government at the local, state and national levels.

My birthplace is a land on the opposite side of the earth from the USA, as many of you may already be aware of. That land began as a parliamentary democracy which flourished until one day the powers of government were usurped by a socialist military coup d’etat when all constitutional rights were abolished and with it the voting rights. In fact, a dictatorship was established which still reigns.

It now is history that after years of servitude, living under the indoctrination, cruelty and abuse of human rights which became unbearable, I came to the USA legally more than four decades ago and became a US citizen and felt very proud and accomplished in my own way, with an inner satisfaction which can only be experienced personally.

The first official act after the swearing-in ceremony for citizenship was the urging by the court to register to vote, to which I duly complied  and cast my first vote in the general election in November 1976, the Bicentennial Year of the Independence of America.

Alas, I found myself exceptionally free and empowered by all the rights that have been the birthright of millions of Americans for I have finally joined their ranks. I must admit that I have a special love and affinity for this nation, for the rights that I have earned. Those are the same rights which have been taken for granted by those who are fortunate to have been born here and never had to live under a dictatorial socialist system.

Do I appreciate my rights more? Yes, I do, for I can never take those rights for granted. I am grateful to the nation and the constitution that has given me those rights and took an oath and served as a commissioned officer.

I am very disappointed that so many choose NOT to exercise their franchise or to participate in the process and thereby allow themselves to be subjected to the dishonesty being perpetrated upon them. For I know that those same people if they know how lucky they are, may even decide some day to fulfill their duties of citizenship.


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