Are we in a form of Class Warfare?


The first time I experienced class warfare was some forty nine years ago in a land on the opposite side of the globe.

I was born and bred in a beautiful country inhabited by gentle people to a middle class family. I did not have much want for basic essentials in life during my childhood, but yes, there were poor people and rich people.

The poor people were not deficient in most of their basic food and shelter needs in the city where I was raised. The rich were well-to-do but not the mega-rich people that we see nowadays in my native land. Even the present day mega-rich over there are not in the same class as what we know in America.

One day a military coup d’etat ended the world as I knew it then. The new rulers introduced a harsh form of socialism on its people and I became class conscious because every day we were told that the rich do not deserve their riches and the re-distribution of their wealth was begun  with the false claim to raise the standard of living of the peasant farmers and the industrial workers, who became the new chic.The end result was that the rich became poor but the poor became even poorer. Basic necessities of life were scarcer and food shortages and malnutrition was rampant.

The years that followed were pure misery where warfare was raged between the classes and spilled over into ethnic hatred with subsequent killings, destruction of property and deportations. The end result is that the nation became impoverished and degenerated into a pariah state.

I am beginning to witness evidence of class warfare creeping into our American society. Unlike in my native country, what we have here is a democracy where politicians constantly goad the so called poor into class envy who are becoming ever more conscious of the differences. The frequent talk of higher taxation to redistribute wealth additionally fills the print and broadcast media led by the president of the USA. When a person or persons advocate these policies that are identical to those practiced by the socialists that I knew; they are the same as socialists although they may pretend or deny that they themselves are socialists.

During the recent riots in the United Kingdom, where considerable property damage and loss of life occurred, two young female participants were interviewed by a TV crew and they both justified their criminal activity by saying that they were merely taking from the rich and exclaiming their right to do so. Actually many of there rioters made off with high end electronic products and fashionable clothing which they tried on prior to their looting, but left a bookstore untouched. Recent flash mobs in USA, especially in Philadelphia have degenerated into “flash robs” and if we are to have prosperity again through the dignity of honest labor and respect for private property in this nation, our politicians on the left must cease to constantly give the impression that they want an all out class warfare.





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