Weiner: I lied but I won’t resign


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) this afternoon admitted that he was the one who had sent those twitter messages and photos, which were a topic of media interest over the past week. Andrew Breitbart of BigGovernment.com was on television about a half hour before the congressman held his press conference with additional information and photos (which were not released) to several women incriminating the congressman further than he had so far admitted. Breitbart demanded that Weiner apologize to him the accusatory statements made in Wiener’s earlier appearances.

During the conference Weiner admitted that it was indeed he who had exchanged messages and sent photos showing his crotch inappropriately. Today he apologized to his wife whom he repeatedly mentioned and proclaimed his love. When repeatedly asked about whether he owed an apology to Breitbart whom he had demonized in his earlier statements, he tendered his apologies to everyone including Breitbart.

He refused to resign and amongst many commentaries was that Mr. Weiner has been an arrogant person and that the proper thing is to resign from his congressional seat. He appeared to be openly emotional during the conference but appeared not to be contrite repeatedly saying that he did not break any laws. He said that he lied because he was embarrassed and realized that admitting his mistake would shame his wife, family and constituents.

constituants [constituents]

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