Should we be worried?


Yes, I am. I really don’t think that the loss of the house seat in NY-26 is entirely because of Ryan’s Budget. The Republican candidate did not adequately explain her position effectively and there was a third party candidate who called himself a Tea Party member and spent three million of his own dollars pummeling the Republican.

There is also the fact that the Democrat who actually won the election ran a lot of Mediscare ads financed well by her supporters local and national. The mere success that demagoguery held its own and actually was effective is what had me worried; even in the very beginning when the newspaper headlines were full of stories of how Ryan and the Republicans are out ot destroy Medicare.

I am very worried that this success of demagoguing is going to encourage the Democrats in the coming year and leading up to the 2012 election, to use the tactic over and over again until we are so saturated that it will come out of the pores of our skin and we’ll get sick of hearing or seeing anything more. It will also make them uncooperative in trying to help solve the real problems that this nation has in debt and deficit-spending and it will allow the President to continue on his merry way, akin to Nero who according to legend fiddled away as Rome burned.

I am worried because we are running out of time and even Bill Clinton knows that and he sounded concerned if not worried when he told Paul Ryan about his thoughts on the effect that the win in NY-26 is going to have on the Democrats and their behavior in the near future; which was picked up on a audio-visual recording by ABC News on Wednesday after the election.

I am also worried that the Republicans are not defending the Ryan plan and allowing the Democrats to spread falsehood about a plan which is a starting point rather than a fait accompli   for overhaul of our broken system. If we don’t start fixing things now, we’ll sink down even lower and we must effectively address these problems because the status quo is not sustainable.

I am worried that this President whose policies are socialistic will get re-elected because of this demagoguery and the country just cannot afford him and his cohorts anymore.


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