Is Israel being compromised?


Recently Barak Obama tried to address all the problems in the Middle East by delivering a  speech pinning the solution on the Israel-Palestinian conflict which has been raging over the past century. Yes, it has been that long even way before the establishment of the state of Israel.

Mr. Obama in his speech essentially defined Israel as the occupier and wanted withdrawal from the territories it now occupies to the pre-1967 war boundaries. Prime Minister Netanyahu naturally spoke out against the proposal and said that those borders are indefensible, and they are today as they were then. When one looks at the map Israel is only about 8 miles wide without the West Bank and the surrender of the Golan Heights would expose itself to hostile action which include the Syrians who never participated in any peace negotiations with Israel. Compound that with recent coming to terms between Al-Fatah and Hamas; the latter whose aim is the total destruction of Israel.

Besides, Mr. Obama is using this speech as a camouflage for his inability or refusal to understand the full situation especially his impotency during the recent outbreaks in the Middle east against the despots that rule or ruled those countries; albeit that some of them were friendly to us at the cost of billions of dollars in aid to shore them up and buying their cooperation but never receiving their friendship.

We have now a President whose inclinations are Pro-Arab Muslim against the best friend and ally that we have in the Middle East in Israel, the only functioning democracy of the region. His inability to comprehend the problem compounded by his innate bias, will probably lead to some unhappy consequences for all , exceeded only by his domestic policy incompetence.


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