Why are we not exercising our rights?


In the primary election that was just completed on May 17, 2011 we had a dismal turnout:16.6% of Democrats and 37.2% of Republicans went to cast their votes and it produced a variety of results.

Many countries of this world do not allow the exercise of their democratic rights and the franchise of a vote for anything let alone an election for persons to represent the people. Rarely a referendum or two may be held to legitimize the government and its actions but almost never to replace it.

Worst of all in our constitutional republic is that many offices do not even have any candidates on the ballot let alone competition between the parties. It is really pitiful when one is aware, of the wastage of votes or representation, of opportunities lost.

If one studies the complete results posted here “Election results 2011” one can find those empty seats waiting to be filled.


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