A successful Annual Spring Dinner attended by LG Jim Cawley


Lieutenant Governor James Cawley was the guest of honor at the Annual Erie County Republican Party Spring Dinner on April 29, 2011 held at the Zem Zem Shrine Club in Erie.

He arrived at 5 pm and was greeted by the host committee at a cocktail reception where he mingled with guests and exchanged views and participated in photographic opportunities.

He later joined other guests in the main reception hall where a rousing welcome was given to him as he delivered a report on his duties and activities in the Corbett administration and a newly formed Shale gas commission which he heads. Political advice and a look to the future were some of the themes for the evening with Chairman Verel Salmon presiding who also delivered the introduction.

A buffet dinner was followed by introduction of the candidates participating in the upcoming primary election after a kick-off speech by Jack Daneri who is unopposed in his own primary.

Prizes were bestowed upon Shirley and Dick Brozell, Tom Hutzelman and Clayton Schulze for their contributions towards the party and furthering of Republican ideals during the past year. The evening concluded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of a successful political year and an evening thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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