Rep. West: US Needs Leadership in ‘Critical Time’


I am totally in agreement with Rep. Allen West (R-Fla) who was at the Tax Day Tea Party, together with Donald Trump, who himself has been making the rounds of TV and radio air waves.

Our country is in desperate need of leadership who can solve the myriad of problems we face. These are enormous ranging from the national debt and recurring deficits to poorly thought out foreign policy ventures. The President seems so incompetent and keeps lurching from one crisis to another; nothing seem to be well thought out and planned. But then we knew that, when he was running for the office that he neither had prior training nor experience in governing.

The following is from Newsmax.

Rep. Allen West says he hopes Donald Trump is serious about running for president, because America is in need of a leader who can guide it through a “critical time.”

The Florida Republican and the billionaire real estate magnate were the keynote speakers at Saturday’s Tax Day Tea Party in Boca Raton, Fla., organized by the South Florida Tea Party.

“I say anyone who wants to step up and be a leader in this country, this is a critical time,” Allen told Newsmax.TV. “This is not a time for any jokes, games or gimmicks, and I hope he is very serious.”

The freshman congressman also noted the tea party movement’s increasing influence in politics, citing the groups’ influence in recent budget negotiations.

“As you continue to see this type of increase with these types of votes, that has to get the attention of the leadership and lets them know they have to go in and fight a little bit stronger.”

Allen also said he would not rule out running for vice president on a Trump ticket if he were asked.

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