The Delayed Budget Deal


We have heard by now that a budget deal was reached between the Republicans led by House Speaker John Boehner  and the Democrats represented by President Obama and Senator Harry Reid.

I personally think that Boehner handled the negotiations admirably and secured his position by playing several cards close to his chest. They were non-fiscally significant  but mostly politically important cards such as family planning and NPR funding. He managed to extract significant concessions from the opposition by parlaying them into billions.

The more important fight is the one coming up for the 2012 budget which Rep. Paul Ryan is proposing and since the Republicans control only a third of the political power they must concentrate all their efforts in setting the agenda and winning most of it. But Charles Krauthammer thinks differently from me and his opinion follows.

Disappointing Budget Agreement

Our Republican leaders negotiated an “historic” budget agreement that cuts $38.5 billion in spending in one fiscal year, yet in just the 7 days before the agreement, our federal debt increased by $54.1 billion. Be assured, without our calls to Speaker Boehner, the cuts would have been much less.

This continuing debt spiral is unacceptable, but the unfortunate facts are that the “looters” control two of the three arms of government that are necessary to significantly alter our nation and return us to a path to prosperity. The key to this change continues to be a focus on the upcoming elections in 2012. In Pennsylvania that means:

Replacing Bob Casey in the Senate with a true limited government supporter
House – Maintain those gains made in 2010 and add at least two more seats
White House – Support a winnable fiscal conservative in the primary, not “the next guy in line”

Get geared up and pumped to make real change in 2012.

Charles Krauthammer – GOP should emphasize substance over style
by Gordon Tomb (PA Coalition Director of Communication)

Charles Krauthammer advises Republicans to emphasize the ability to explain conservative fiscal solutions over charisma in picking a candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

PawlentyMitch DanielsWithout endorsing a candidate as he spoke to 700 conservatives gathered at a Pennsylvania Leadership Conference dinner, Krauthammer named two politicians who would meet the criteria he listed: Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota.

Neither has the personal nor political baggage that would interfere with the delivery of their message, said Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize winning conservative writer and commentator who appears regularly on Fox News.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, would have to explain the legacy of an Obamacare-style health care system enacted in Massachusetts when he was governor, Krauthammer said.

Asked about U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Krauthammer said he could support either. He described Ryan’s federal budget proposal as the “boldest, most courageous rethinking of the American welfare state.”

The current political debate, said Krauthammer, is over “the nature of the social contract in the United States…We’re debating about who we are as a people.”

There are, he said, two distinct outcomes to the 2012 election: “One leads to Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and the other leads to the restoration of America.”


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  1. I am with Charles, There are to many people who we would call RINO and /or those who would settle for half a loaf. I think now is the time to demand a full return to the anti communist rule we have forgotten

    • I think you’ve got it right about the last point, the USA began its self-destructiveness when we forgot that the real enemies are still the Marxists. They destroyed the Soviet Union and now it is infecting our nation. Even the Chinese are beginning to stay away from Marxist economic policies and they’ve done some good for themselves.

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